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Understanding of directional acyclic charts in cryptocurrency And How does DAG work?

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What is a directional acyclic graph (DAG) in crypto?
Directional acyclic graph or DAG is a data modeling or structuring tool commonly used in cryptocurrencies.
Unlike blockchain, which is made up of blocks, directed acyclic graphs have vertices and edges. Thus, crypto transactions are recorded as nodes.
How does DAG work?
As mentioned, directed acyclic graphs are more efficient in data storage. The structure is like a tree, with interconnected nodes as ‘branches’.

What are DAGs used for?
The DAG model seeks to address two perceived weaknesses of blockchain technology, namely decentralization and scalability. It seeks to improve security and usability as well.
What cryptos use DAGs?
It used to be inconceivable to think of cryptocurrency without thinking of blockchain. However, with the DAG model, several cryptocurrencies have been created using this technology.
Some examples are Obyte, IOTA, and Nano, to name a few: obite,IOTA,nano

What is the role of DAG in blockchain?
DAG can be seen as a viable alternative to blockchain, although it still needs further refinement. The DAG model seeks to address common issues with blockchain technology such as cost, speed, and scalability.
DAG vs. Blockchain
Blockchain and DAG both record transactions on a distributed ledger, albeit in different ways.

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