XDCNFT Marketplace — A Best Alternative to Opensea Is Live and Open Now!



    • XDCNFT utililizes the XinFin blockchain ecosystem.
    • XinFin, one of the most futuristic hybrid blockchain platforms.
    • XDCNFT platform will use BLKZ token as its governing token.

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) industry has indeed come up a long way. Though it received many criticisms initially, the industry soon rose up effervescently. In such aspects, once an industry surges, so do all the different streams of firms indulged in it, and so the competition rises up.

Accordingly, when taking into consideration the subject of NFT marketplaces and platforms, OpenSea dominates being the major global NFT marketplace by all means. However, it doesn’t mean that it has been left without any competition so far.

And so, XinFin, one of the most futuristic hybrid blockchain platforms has come up with its very own NFT marketplace, the XDCNFT. Ever since the launch of XDCNFT, the project has been rising up with constant partnerships and technological indulgences.

XDCNFT’s Path to Succession

Firstly, the XDCNFT fully runs upon the XinFin blockchain ecosystem. The XDCNFT is actually brought out by BlocksWorkz, based in London, U.K. The BlocksWorkz is tech based company which solely specializes itself into designing and launching of various NFT projects, including blockchain technologies evidently.

In addition, the BLKZ token, which is the native token of the BlocksWorkz, will be one of the two governing tokens for the XDCNFT platform. The other governing token is the XDC, which belongs to the XinFin network. All the NFTs upon the platform could be purchased using these two tokens only.

There are actually numerous terms in which the XDCNFT marketplace tries to  establish itself, a par above other NFT platforms. Taking into consideration the XinFin (XRC20) network, a single transaction upon the XDC blockchain costs only a fraction of $1.

Similarly, for buying and selling of any NFTs upon the XDCNFT, costs a transaction cost of only 1%. That is, either the seller or the buyer, only 1% of the total NFT cost will be taken up as the transaction fees.

On the other hand, the XDCNFT has absolutely zero installation fees, which no other NFT marketplace has bought out so far. Apart from all this, XDCNFT has partnered with Motorsports industry of Britain, especially the British G.T, upon which various NFT based live actions endorsed motorsports are to be live soon.

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