Elon Musk just SMASHED Tory Bruno & BE-4 engines on social media… – YouTube

Elon Musk just SMASHED Tory Bruno & BE-4 engines on social media...

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Elon Musk just SMASHED Tory Bruno & BE-4 engines on social media…#STARSHIPFANS

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Elon Musk has just officially destroyed Tory Bruno with only a picture of his powerful Raptor 2 engines.
How exactly does this happen?
Everything will be exposed in today’s episode.
Ok! Let’s get started…
“Where are my engines, Jeff?”
After a long time of delay, ULA finally had this question here.
On Apr 26, the CEO of United Launch Alliance, Tory Bruno shared this picture of the BE-4s engines.
He said” Engines!! Vulcan Flight BE-4s heading to the build stand”.
This means Blue Origin now nears the critical point of delivering flight-ready BE-4 rocket engines to United Launch Alliance.
But this is only the combustion chamber and the nozzle, and the pumps are in assembly elsewhere in the factory.
“We all know they still don’t work”, a Twitter named Scotty B questioned.
Bruno seems to be annoyed and replied immediately: “No. Thousands of seconds of run time. Full throttle range. dozens of starts. Performing better than my expectations”
But when being asked:” Are these flight ready?”
He only can answer: “Not yet. Still being assembled.”

In fact, except for having a real photo of BE-4 engines, Tory Bruno has repeatedly asserted his confidence with Vulcan and BE-4.
During a panel at the Satellite 2022 conference last month, Tory Bruno announced that he expected the first launch of the Vulcan “later this year”.
That schedule is driven by the completion of testing of the BE-4 engine that powers the first stage of Vulcan and the delivery of the first flight units from Blue Origin. “The engine is in great shape,” Bruno said. “It is performing better than I anticipated.”
Bruno said he expected to receive the first two flight models of the BE-4 in the middle of the year, “which supports me flying before the end of the year.” He added that testing of the engine is also going well, including the firing of the engine three times a week “on a sustained basis” at a Blue Origin test site.
“We’re very pleased with where the BE-4 is and we expect to fly this year as a result,” he said.
While Vulcan remains publicly on schedule for the first launch in 2022, Jones ruled out any chance that New Glenn will launch before the end of the year, a schedule that the company had previously cast doubt on. “The runway is closing on 2022”
Blue Origin has to balance New Glenn development with the completion of the BE-4, which will be used by both New Glenn and Vulcan.
“It’s fair to say you’re focusing on your most important customer, delivering BE-4s so I can fly this year,” quipped Bruno.
Anyway, this seems really good news for ULA.
Elon Musk just SMASHED Tory Bruno & BE-4 engines on social media…
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