Elon Musk's Big Updates on SpaceX's Mechazilla high-speed Testing! NASA's JWST deployments completed – YouTube

Elon Musk's Big Updates on SpaceX's Mechazilla high-speed Testing! NASA's JWST deployments completed

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Elon Musk’s Big Updates on SpaceX’s Mechazilla high-speed Testing! NASA’s JWST deployments completed#STARSHIPFANS

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The SpaceX chopsticks tower, one of the wildest engineering designs ever, finally comes to life!!!

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Elon Musk just shared an amazing video with the caption: “Starship launch & catch tower”.
Now at the top of their travel, the Catching Arms have reached the necessary height to stack a Ship on top of Booster.
Honestly, this looks like a glitch in the Matrix!

The remarkable point at the end of the video is the white smoke rising from the orbital launch mount venting!!
And these are stellar photos from Labpadre that truly allow us to view the QD arm which has been extended, with all the scaffolding on the OLIT columns removed. SpaceX fired up each arm’s main hydraulic actuator and opened them about as wide as they’re able to move.
Somewhere after this testing, SpaceX will likely simulate catching rockets in a wide range of scenarios.
More ambitious, SpaceX may perform another fit test with Starship S20 and Super Heavy B4 – but this time using the arms to lift and install the stages.
We got the new Road Closure Scheduled for Wednesday, January 12, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. And for Thursday, January 13, and Friday, January 14, from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Any chance for a big test related to the catching arm? It’s really really worth waiting!

Regardless of what happens next, we had a sigh of relief!
Congratulations to the SpaceX team! And it’s time for us to look back at the hard process they went through in creating this amazing thing. Why exactly is the SpaceX catching arm considered an engineering marvel of the world?

The first arm was installed in late August 2021 was a lone structure designed to swing in; grab and stabilize Super Heavy with its claw; fuel and power Starship; and quickly detach and swing away from the rocket during launch. A month and a half later, SpaceX began installing a much larger pair of more complex arms in mid-October. Unlike the Starship quick-disconnect (QD) arm, the pair of arms that followed were almost unlike anything built as part of another rocket launch complex.
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