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How SpaceX Mastered Starship’s Welding

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  • Published On: 2022-04-26 20:15:00
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Since SpaceX first started building Starship back in 2018, we’ve seen it go from looking rough and weak to a very sophisticated rocket. This video looks at how SpaceX developed their welding technique for Starship and how it led to a stronger and better looking rocket.

Thanks to these awesome people for their resources:
Spaceport3d –
LabPadre –
Austin Barnard –
Starship Gazer –
NASASpaceflight –
John Randolph –
WKMG News –
Copenhagen Suborbitals –
SPadre –
EverydayAstronaut –

Special thanks to Chris Nash, Nicholas Queiroz and Riley Mannion for their expertise on welding.

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