IT HAPPENED! SpaceX Is FINALLY Launching Starship To Orbit In April 2022! – YouTube

IT HAPPENED! SpaceX Is FINALLY Launching Starship To Orbit In April 2022!

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Many people, including Elon Musk himself, and numerous fans, thought the Starship
would have launched to orbit for the first time before now but apparently, that has not
been the case. Thanks to multiple delays by the FAA, SpaceX and the rest of the world
have been denied the pleasure of seeing the most powerful rocket ever fired up and
head to space! However, all that is changing as the Starship is finally launching! What
has SpaceX done differently this time that it can fly its Starship? And Starship
prototypes will SpaceX use for the first orbital flight? Join us as we bring you all the juicy
details about how SpaceX is finally launching the Starship to orbit in April 2022!
The news of the Starship could not have come at a better time! SpaceX fans have
waited with bated breath and followed every step of the rocket’s development. The end
product is clear. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, wants a very powerful vehicle that
could convey his colonizers to Mars.

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