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SpaceX & NASA FINALLY Reveal New Moon Base By 2024!

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NASA is trying to return to the moon. This time, it is leaning on the ingenuity of Elon
Musk, the billionaire founder of SpaceX. The space agency will rely heavily on SpaceX
for the infrastructure that will make the astronauts able to land on the moon and
complete their tasks. What has Musk come up with to make the moon welcoming to
NASA’s astronauts? In this video, we bring you Elon Musk and NASA’s Insane New
moon base by 2024!
After more than five decades, NASA will return humans to the lunar surface by 2025
through the Artemis program. In many ways, this mission is much more than a reboot of
the Apollo program. NASA has promised it will be the first time a Black astronaut and a
female astronaut would land on the moon. However, the astronauts will speed weeks on
the lunar surface at a time, far longer than humans have ever spent on the satellite.
They will eventually construct a Moon base and practice with technology and operations
necessary to land humans on Mars one day! So, the end goal is a destination even
farther than the moon!
NASA has commissioned a new, powerful Moon-shot rocket, the SLS, and a new
spacecraft, the Orion space capsule, a much more advanced Apollo-like craft. However,
these two vehicles will only take the astronauts to the moon’s orbit. The job of actually
landing them on the surface of the moon will be done by a Human Landing System or
HLS. The HLS will also take the astronauts from lunar orbit to the moon’s orbit from the
surface. Last April, NASA awarded the contract for the HLS to SpaceX.
After some delays, thanks to the multiple legal spanners thrown into the works by
SpaceX’s rival Blue Origin, SpaceX is now back to developing an HLS variant of its
Starship rocket and spacecraft. When American astronauts return to the Moon in
Artemis III, it will be in a decidedly retro-looking Starship, resting on its tail like a silvery
rocket from the cover of 1950s pulp science fiction novels, but pointed up into the future

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