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Texas vs FAA: Fighting to KEEP SpaceX in Starbase...

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Just a few days away until the deadline “completion” of the FAA Environmental Assessment of SpaceX’s launch facility in South Texas. In fact, sadly, there is some evidence that said that there will be another delay.

This created a wave of fierce protests from not only SpaceX supporters but also the Texas government. Notably, Greg Abbott, Texas’ Republican governor, just stated recently that he will do all he can to ensure SpaceX stays in Boca Chica.
Abbott even criticized the Biden administration for interfering with the FAA approval process!

Why are they so defiant?

Everything will be exposed in today’s episode.
Ok! Let’s get started…

For nearly a year, people said that SpaceX is ready for the first orbital flight. However, the issue is the Federal Aviation Administration’s ongoing Final Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) of SpaceX’s plans for launching its Super Heavy boosters. The release date has been pushed back multiple times, most recently to late this month. The original deadline was Dec. 31, 2021.

The PEA could contain a Finding of No Significant Impact in the PEA and the FAA could grant SpaceX the necessary launch license, or the agency could require a much more comprehensive, lengthy Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the company’s plans for Boca Chica. If that happens, no orbital launches will take place at Boca Chica/Starbase anytime soon.

Hopefully, they pull a surprise for us, but it’s looking like the odds of the Starship Orbital Flight Test from Boca Chica happening in 2022 are somewhat diminishing, definitely less than 50 percent.

But in the worst case, if the FAA demands an EIS, Musk has said he might have to move rocket launching operations to Florida if there are any further delays in getting environmental clearance. He has said research and development could continue at Boca Chica.

Texas vs FAA: Fighting to KEEP SpaceX in Starbase…

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