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I was born and elevated in Sydney, Nova Scotia. And I invested the superior portion of my 17 many years there believing that I lived in a unique place. Actually, I was advised that in no unsure terms by rather substantially every single adult I realized Nova Scotia and a lot more precisely, Cape Breton Island, was God’s Nation. All people in Cape Breton called it God’s Place and I never doubted it.

If you have ever driven in excess of Smokey Mountain on the way to the Cabot Path, you have witnessed its natural elegance for yourself. And if you built it as far as Cape North on a sunny working day, you might have in fact noticed a piece of heaven.

Or so I believed.

Then seven many years back I moved to Israel, which is considered by millions of men and women around the world to be God’s Region.

As a result the predicament. Where by precisely is God’s Nation?

Certainly, Israel is element of the cradle of civilization. Cape Breton absolutely is not for the reason that the persons who dwell there are generally adverse to far more civilized residing. When they need times of civility…. they get on a plane and go someplace else to come across it. Then they go residence.

Cape Bretoners are not specifically interested in progress and modernization. They like matters just as they are (and as they have often been). Not like Israel, which is regarded by quite a few to be the subsequent most significant concentration of significant-tech mind electric power exterior of Silicon Valley in California.

Is it feasible that God has two homes — His wintertime abode in Israel and when the temperature gets also incredibly hot below, He shifts to his northern summertime household in Cape Breton? If I ended up Him, I would select that selection. Why upset the Cape Bretoners who assume they have a piece of Him when He can just as very easily shift place in the summer season?

There is one particular benefit to Cape Breton that I believe Israelis would essentially like. Cape Breton is all but completely disregarded by the exterior environment. No 1 there is in a hurry to go wherever or do anything at all. And no superpowers are offering them instructions on how to reside their life. There are no katusha missiles aimed at its population. Cape Bretoners under no circumstances get worried about their kindergartens becoming blown up or getting on a bus.

One thing about all that peacefulness makes you really marvel if it may possibly really be God’s Nation.

I never consider that the snow or the everlasting chilly are working in Cape Breton’s favour, but what do I know? Perhaps tobogganing and snowboarding are holy encounters. Of study course, probably sitting on the beach front in Netanya or overlooking the Negev as the sunshine is coming up are as effectively.

The men and women who pick to are living on the edges of Cape Breton — literally in the center of nowhere — do so to be alone. They ought to what other motive would anyone have to go to a chilly, perpetually damp, rocky cliff on the edge of the sea?

Persons who transfer to the outer parts of Israel do so to inhabit people spots and safe them as Jewish land. These Israelis are securing the frontiers of this little condition – not militarily, but emotionally. The actual reverse of the Cape Breton logic.

The men and women who reside at the outer reaches of Israel are not trying to get absent from civilization. Numerous of them designed aware decisions to play an active function in populating the outer reaches of the state. I see them as Israel’s remaining pioneers.

Both equally destinations have lots of gorgeous mountains and vistas. But just in excess of Israel’s mountains live some of the least welcoming neighbours anyone could request for. If you appear much too far around the edge of a mountain in Cape Breton you will be swimming with the whales — Cape Breton isn’t going to truly have any neighbours and even if it did… how could you not like a Cape Bretoner?

So you can see the dilemma. The place just is God’s nation?

Both of those are holy in their own way. The very best guess is to stop by both equally and make a decision for yourself.

Write-up Supply by Kendall Wigoda

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