How Much Did I Earn Mining With A $600 Mining Rig?! – YouTube

How Much Did I Earn Mining With A $600 Mining Rig?!

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  • Published On: 2022-04-25 23:08:37
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Bitcoin ASIC miners are loud and heavy, but today we’re looking at a quiet and cheap mini mining rig, the Goldshell SC Box that lets you earn passive income! How much did this $600 miner make in one month? Subscribe to VoskCoin today! –

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Looking for a miner better than the Goldshell SC Box?

Over the past two years, Goldshell has developed a range of small, quiet, mini-ASIC cryptocurrency miners that can be placed in your home, office, or crypto mining farm to earn easy passive income in 2022! I’ve been mining with this $600 SC-Box for a month, and it’s time to check how much we earned, what my break-even period will be, and if you should buy one! These miners won’t make you a crypto millionaire, but they are amazing for crypto enthusiasts who want to start mining crypto from home! Multiple streams of income, especially passive income, can add up and truly make you a crypto millionaire!

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00:00 $600 Profitable Mini Miner?!
02:04 Entry level ASIC miners
03:46 SC-Box Mini Miner setup
05:37 How much Siacoin do I mine?
06:32 How and where to buy the SC-Box miner?
09:39 Profitability of SC-Box miner
12:58 Future of Siacoin?

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