How to Profit Trading Cryptocurrency as a Beginner | Avoid Losses Using New 2022 Technology – YouTube

How to Profit Trading Cryptocurrency as a Beginner | Avoid Losses Using New 2022 Technology

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  • Published On: 2022-02-18 19:43:25
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In this video you will find a wealth of knowledge for profiting in Cryptocurrency markets as a complete beginner including basic usage of Tradingbay & best tips when starting to trade.

Iphone 13 “pro” has failed the city, apologies for the quality at the start. One would have thought cinematic meant something. I can code in 8 languages yet creating/editing videos is a mission..

The second half of this video demonstrates a time-lapse of real signals generated by the trading algorithms while I discuss important topics in today’s society. I hope it benefits someone out there in the universe 🦁

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Anyone Can Profit Trading Crypto
00:52 What is Tradingbay?
01:37 Market Analysis Made Simple
02:12 Important Tips for Beginners
02:24 Focus on Trend Trading!
02:58 Entering the Market
03:18 How to Trade (Examples)
03:49 Markets on
04:07 How to Create Easy Dashboards
04:35 Leveraging Ethereum & Bitcoin Trends
05:22 How to Avoid Losses via Algorithm Layering
06:38 BTC/USD Layering Demo
07:06 “Some People Die at 25 But Aren’t Buried Until 75”
07:26 ETH/USD Layering + Societal Conditioning
08:08 DOGE/USD Demo + Stuck in a Loop
08:45 XRP/USD Demo + The ‘Time’ Excuse
09:21 DOT/USD Demo + Everything is Possible
09:36 “The Destination is Not as Important as The Journey”
09:55 LTCUSD Demo + You Have Time, No Excuses
10:29 ETH/USD Demo + Manifest What You Want
11:02 BCH/USD Demo + Take Massive Action
11:29 Break the Simulation


The Tradingbay Platform:
A suite of algorithms that can be used to get in and out of Crypto at the right time for profit

✔️ Indicates when the price of Crypto will rise or fall
✔️ Utilizes New Harmonics Technology
✔️ Alerts when to exit and take profit
✔️ Provides 2 Layers of Risk Analytics
✔️ Supports 24 Cryptocurrencies
✔️ 216 Total Algorithms
✔️ 100% Beginner Friendly
✔️ Alerts Sent to Email, SMS or Web Notifications
✔️ Community Chat for Assistance

Free trial available:


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Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice. Always seek professional help before participating in any investment activities. Do your own research and invest at your own risk. Don’t go full degen and you will be alright.

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This is only the beginning
Break the Simulation
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