Should you be mining BITCOIN? How to ACTUALLY mine Bitcoin in 2022 (the cheapest way) – YouTube

Should you be mining BITCOIN? How to ACTUALLY mine Bitcoin in 2022 (the cheapest way)

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In this video I show you how to mine Bitcoin in 2022. We do this with the Gekkoscience Compac F Bitcoin USB miners, which is the cheapest way to mine Bitcoin in 2022. These small USB miners use the same mining chips found in real Antminer Bitcoin ASICs, and can mine Bitcoin when plugged into a PC. I show you where to buy them and how to set them up to mine Bitcoin. But how much money can you make mining Bitcoin in 2022? I also show you the mining profits for the USB miners, both short term and I also calculate how profitable Bitcoin mining is long term. Since these USB sticks mine Bitcoin, they will not be affected by Ethereums move to proof of stake. So mining Bitcoin on the Gekkoscience Compac F will be just as profitable after ETH 2.0. I also discuss solo mining on USB miners and how much you money you can make if you hit a block mining Bitcoin.

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00:00 How to mine Bitcoin 2022 (Gekkoscience Compac F review)
01:33 Where to buy an USB miner for Bitcoin mining in 2022
04:03 What’s coming up in this Gekkoscience Compac F review
04:26 Building the Gekkoscience Compac F Bitcoin mining kit
07:00 Gekkoscience Compac F USB uses Antminer Bitcoin ASIC chips
07:22 Real Bitcoin miners like these won’t be affected by ETH 2.0
08:18 You can plug the Bitcoin USB miners into a GPU mining rig
08:43 These Bitcoin USB miners should be able to mine Bitcoin forever
09:29 Solo mining Bitcoin on USB miners
10:12 Setting up an off grid Bitcoin mining solar system
10:50 How to set up the Gekkoscience Compac F for mining Bitcoin
11:42 How to find a Bitcoin mining pool
12:20 How to set up Slushpool Bitcoin mining pool
13:52 How to connect a Bitcoin miner to Slushpool
15:45 Gekkoscience Compac F Bitcoin mining hashrate and watts
16:12 Mining profitability for the Gekkoscience Compac F explained
16:42 How much money can you make mining Bitcoin on USB miners
17:43 Long term mining profits calculated for the Bitcoin USB miners
21:39 My plan for building an small off grid solar panel Bitcoin mining farm

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