How To Mine Crypto On Android [Full Guide 2022] – YouTube

How To Mine Crypto On Android [Full Guide 2022]

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  • Published On: 2021-07-11 20:00:03
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Finally, after 6 hours of research and testing, I managed to run a real miner on my mobile and mine crypto on my Android.

If you like to learn how to mine crypto on android, and how much you can earn, what is the hash rate, and much much more, watch this interesting video.

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Intro 0:00
We Need a Wallet 2:13
What is the Coin? 3:36
Create The Crypto Wallet 4:54
How To Mine This Coin? 6:13
Estimate Earnings Analysis 9:03
Run The Miner On Mobile 14:14

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  1. hi i did as you said but im dum lol did again today but it wont let me in on cofig it just goes on web browser my laptop is a lenovo spec cpu is a good one must be somthing im not doing right but cart work it out yet

  2. Hey i' ve seen u'r channel for the first time and realy like this video. My question is what if I use 20 – 50 phones do you think this could bring money for years

  3. Great information you shared and shows us the honest and real results. Although it was bit sad that the revenue generating was too low but it was an honest review i just love it ❤️

  4. Great job my friend, I really appreciate your hard work and research and you Honestly.
    I was crazy for 2 days to download all the scam app on Android and I was not very sure about the resolve. You made it clear, they are all just spams to sell publicity….. So thank you for saving my time. I am going to remove all as soon I finish your video;)
    As I see, how much you can earn by meaning on phone and PC, I think it is pointless, electricity this days is too expensive and I don't see any return on this
    Thanks to you I don't have to waist my time any more.
    Thank you so much and good luck in your projects👏👏

  5. if you can get an old phones and charge them from solar to keep them powered up 24/7 and build a rig of 100+ phones then that would be something interesting… But I think the phones would die fast from over heating the CPU.

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