Clear Out Your Medicine Cabinet for National Prescription Drug Takeback Working day


April 30 is National Prescription Drug Choose Again Day.

Not guaranteed what to do with all the drugs cluttering up your drugs cabinet? Aged painkillers. Expired antibiotics. Piles of prescriptions or about-the-counter medicines you never ever completed for a person rationale or a further.

You know you have to hold them out of the hands of other people, especially if you have young children or adolescents in the house. But, you cannot flush them down the toilet since they can get into the water supply and contaminate it. And throwing them out isn’t an selection — that poses security and well being dangers.

So, what to do?

The response is National Prescription Drug Just take Again Day, hosted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), this Saturday, April 30 — a harmless, nameless and no cost way to dispose of unused or unwanted medicines.

You can deliver your old or undesired prescription drugs to accepted locations all-around the nation and safely dispose of them. And absolutely free up some area in your medicine cabinet for that bold new lipstick you have been eyeing.

Visit the DEA web-site for far more information.

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