Elon Musk And NASA JUST SHOCKED The Entire Space Industry With SpaceX's INSANE NEW Engines! – YouTube

Elon Musk And NASA JUST SHOCKED The Entire Space Industry With SpaceX's INSANE NEW Engines!

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Elon Musk And NASA OFFICIALLY REVEALED New Light Speed Engine!

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The cosmic world and its mysteries have always been a high priority
subject to scientists as well as to mankind. To unleash the layers of this endless mystery scientists and humans are traveling to space for a very long time. But this time Nasa with none other than Elon Musk ended up revealing a new light speed engine. Yes, you heard that right.

The powerhouse of excellence Mr. Musk again shook the world when he
discovered a way to morph physics as he wants. When it comes to space, we face many problems with our limitations to see everything and travel everywhere. This is a major issue. It’s space, after all. It’s far too large. It would take us years to reach our nearest neighboring star even if we traveled at the utmost speed the Universe allowed.

NASA has recently successfully test-fired a new type of engine that promises to make space travel less expensive and faster. Chemical fuels must now be pre-made on Earth and then put into rocket boosters before launching for the majority of commercial and military rockets. This is not only costly and complicated, but it also restricts the amount of weight that can be raised off the Earth’s surface.

To develop a revolutionary engine in-house that would reduce launch costs is absolutely amazing. The goal was set at $5 million. Elon Musk describes it as “amazing.” NASA calls it a breakthrough. Because a team of NASA engineers recently tested a “new type” of rocket engine that is significantly more efficient than anything currently in use on Earth.

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