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How is NASA sending people back to the moon? | The Hindu

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NASA is gearing up for its next big leap. Through the Artemis mission, NASA aims to land humans on the moon by 2024

This includes the first woman and person of colour to set foot on the moon.

The learnings from the Artemis programme will be utilised to send the first astronauts to Mars.
In 1969, through the Apollo programme, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin became the first people to land on the moon.
Ever since, due to multiple reasons lunar exploration missions have always been unmanned.
The Artemis programme is divided into three mission – Artemis I, II III and beyond.

Artemis I is the first flight of the moon mission. It will be launched In June 2022 from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, United States.

It is an un-crewed spacecraft which will be launched on the Space Launch System. This the most powerful rocket in the world.

It will travel 2,80,000 miles from the earth for over four to six weeks during the course of the mission.

Artemis I also includes the Orion capsule which will remain in space without docking to a space station. This is longer than any ship for astronauts has ever done before.

The aim of this mission is to collect data and to allow mission controllers to assess the performance of the spacecraft. It will communicate with the control centre, back on Earth through the deep-space network.
Other space agencies like The Canadian Space Agency, European Space Agency and The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency are also involved in the Artemis programme.
The second flight under the programme will have crew on board and will test Orion’s critical systems with humans onboard.

Between April 1st and April 3rd, a major test known as the wet dress rehearsal was conducted. All the steps up to the launch including the countdown were executed but was stopped right before the take off.

NASA’s Artemis mission is touted as the next generation of lunar exploration.
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00:29 – 00:59 – NASA’s moon missions
00:59 – 1:18 – Artemis I spacecraft
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