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IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk FINALLY Reveals New Warp Drive Starship 2022!

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Would you like to go on a trip to Mars? While that sounds interesting, the time the
journey takes will discourage many. Using current rockets, the shortest time to get to
the Red Planet is five months! And you will have to target a small window that comes
once in two years! While this piece of information might not mean anything to most
people, for Elon Musk, it means the failure or success of one of his passionate dreams;
setting up people to live permanently on Mars! To make the travel to the planet more
bearable, one of the options Musk is considering is Warp Drive which promises to
reduce the trip time by a large order of magnitude! What is Warp Drive, and how fast
can it help Musk put people on Mars? Join us as we dive into how Musk reveals the
Warp Drive Starship!
Musk has been pushing SpaceX to speed up the development of the Starship! He even
asked his engineers to sacrifice their Thanksgiving weekend to fix a problem on the
Raptor rocket engine that powers the Starship! While it is a big deal to some of the
employees and other non-SpaceX employees, working through the weekend does not
faze Musk, who has slept on the factory floor of his companies before!
There is a reason Musk wants the Starship to be done as soon as possible! This is
because, while NASA is content to wait until 2033 to send an astronaut to Mars, Musk
wants to do so by 2026, which is just five years away! While you might dismiss the goal
as Musk is being over optimistic as usual with his target, the billionaire CEO has a worst
case scenario of putting humans on Mars by 2031, which is still two years earlier than
NASA’s best plan!
Apart from this, Musk thinks there is a window of opportunity available for humans to
become inter planetary, and this is the first time the opportunity is possible for humanity.
He wants to use the chance quickly as he is unsure the window will be available for
When you are planning to move one million people from the earth to Mars as Musk
wants to do within a short time, there are several things to need to consider, which we
will briefly look at! The first is cost. The first thing to note is that simply having money,
tonnes of it, will not get you to Mars! As Musk said while on Lex Friedman’s interview,
even with a trillion dollars, right now, you can’t fly to Mars! You need the right
technology, like the Starship that SpaceX is building!
Even with the right technology, space travel is expensive! In fact, anything involving
rocket launches is costly! That is because of the nature of rockets, which are
traditionally one-time-use vehicles. This mode of using rockets is ridiculous, as Musk
pointed out. It is like buying a new car every time you want to go out! While it is mad
expensive to do so, it is also complicated because you need a new car built to go out!
Most people won’t be able to afford going out if that is the only way to use cars, which
sort of is what you get with space travel today that only the ultra rich can indulge in!
Obviously, that won’t work for Musk, who claims there is a particular cost per ton to go
to Mars that will ensure the city established there can sustain itself. Besides, there might
not be enough ultra rich volunteers willing to relocate to Mars, so the price has to come
down for most people watching this video to even consider it!
However, if there is any company that can reduce the cost of space wandering, it is
SpaceX! The company already has a reusable rocket, the Falcon 9. But it is only
partially reusable. The booster comes back and land, but the upper stage is written off,
which adds at least 10 million dollars to each launch cost! This brings the launch cost to
between 15 and 20 million dollars without accounting for overhead.
However, with a reusable spacecraft like the Starship, Musk says you can reduce the
cost by a factor of a hundred, meaning you could have launches of under two million
dollars! This is the cost to orbit, and obviously, the cost to Mars will be more. But if you
do the maths by dividing the total costs by the number of people the Starship can carry,
which is between 70 and 100, a trip to Mars is not so expensive! In fact, Musk has
claimed if you want to relocate to Mars, you can fund your ambition by selling your
However, even with the lowest price, there is another factor you have to consider when
going to Mars, time! Apart from astronomical costs, distance is another barrier to deep
space jaunts! Like it has been mentioned in this video, you need to budget at least five
months of your life to travel to Mars. This could stretch into a year, depending on when
you take off. Now, what could happen if you spend five months in space?

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