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IT HAPPENED! First Ever Wormhole Finally Created!

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Watching sci-fi films like Stargate, Star Trek, or Interstellar, we all wished that we could create a wormhole that would help us travel millions of miles in just a blink. We could only dream because it seemed impossible. Well, now things have progressed to the point where scientists claim to be able to create a wormhole. Surprisingly, they’ve already done so. But will we be able to put it to use? How successful was it, and are there any other ways to make a wormhole? Come along with us today for a ride through the wormholes. So tighten your grip and don’t say we didn’t warn you.
Everybody loves and wants a wormhole. And why wouldn’t they? Who wants to waste tens of thousands of years traveling the long and slow routes across the universe just to reach yet another boring star? The urge to travel the million miles distance in the fastest way possible made the scientists work on one of the most mesmerizing objects of space.
A wormhole is a sort of theoretical ‘tunnel’ through space-time, often used as the preferred mode of interstellar travel in movies. The opening is a shortcut to another location in the Universe through intervening space. That seems to be in stark contrast to a black hole which is less of a tunnel and more of a meat grinder. However, some physicists claim that both black holes and wormholes share many characteristics. Albert Einstein along with Nathan Rosen discovered the simplest possible wormhole solution in 1935, which is why wormholes are sometimes called “Einstein-Rosen bridges.”
Back in 2015, for the first time ever, researchers in Spain created a tiny magnetic wormhole. They used it to link two regions of space so that a magnetic field could pass between them ‘invisibly.’ Before you get too excited, keep in mind that this was not the type of gravitational wormhole that would theoretically allow us to travel quickly across space or transport matter. However, the physicists were able to create a tunnel in which a magnetic field could vanish at one point and then reappear at another, which was still a huge achievement.
Recently, scientists found out that it may be possible to build a real, traversable wormhole, but only if our universe has extra dimensions. But before we get to how scientists can build the wormholes, you need to understand the theory behind one.

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