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IT HAPPENED! SpaceX FINALLY Reveals New Starship Droneship in January 2022!

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When it comes to dreaming, no one does it better than Elon Musk! Likewise, when it
comes to pursuing dreams, you still have to give it up to Musk! He will make the
impossible happen just to get what he wants! For example, to be able to land his
rockets at sea instead of land, Musk uses one of the modern wonders of technology,
drone ships, as platforms! The billionaire CEO has revealed an even bigger and more
powerful Starship droneship in 2022! How powerful is the new droneship, and how will
SpaceX deploy it? In this video, we dive into all the details of the new Starship
droneship 2022 just released by Elon Musk!
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Reusability is a big deal to Elon Musk! In fact, if a rocket is not reusable, Musk does not
want to hear about it! He believes behind able to fly rockets again is the key to
unlocking affordable space launches! The way rockets have been working does not
make sense to Musk because it is a single-use product. That is a lot of money and effort
wasted, hardly an efficient method to run an industry! Musk compared this method of
operating rockets to flying aircraft only once! That would make air flights exorbitantly
expensive! This is precisely what has been going on in the space industry for decades,
but Musk, ever the disruptor, is changing all of that!
This is why its Falcon series of rockets is partially reusable. After separating from the
upper stage, the booster returns to the Earth to be refurbished for another flight! The
financial implications of being able to reuse the Falcon 9, for example, is interesting!
Musk himself revealed how the money aspect works out on Twitter. Michael Baylor,
known as @nextspaceflight, on Twitter posted that United Launch Alliance claimed a
booster had to fly 10 times for reusing it to make sense economically. He noted that
SpaceX had reflown the Falcon 9 six times, apparently thinking the company has four
more flights to go before it could completely recoup its booster investment.
Show these tweets:

However, Musk corrected Baylor that by reflying a booster three times, you have made
up the cost of the booster! This is not strange because he had earlier revealed that the
booster stage accounted for 60 percent of the total launch costs. So if you can get your
boosters back, it is a big deal! In the same Twitter thread, Musk revealed that a booster
could fly up to 100 times! That is a lot of times to recover a booster!
SpaceX changed the rocket game by recovering its first first-stage booster in 2015. The
success was thanks to a series of upgrades the company provided to its workhorse
Falcon 9. Featuring a more robust thermal protection system, titanium grid fins, and a
more durable interstage, i.e., the part that connects the rocket’s two stages, the souped-
up Falcon 9 rocket of today is capable of flying many times over.
Now, recovering a booster is not an easy task because these boosters do land out at
sea! Before we go into how SpaceX recovers its boosters from the sea, why exactly
does SpaceX land its boosters in the sea?
It all comes down to fuel. You need a great deal of fuel to land the first stage on the
ground by reigniting its engine and reducing its speed from more than 8,000 km per
hour or 5,000 miles per hour down to zero! For low-orbit trips, this does not pose much
of a problem. But for more prolonged trips, landing on the ground is not an option.
For example, launches for missions beyond Earth’s orbit, like a SpaceX’s spacecraft
going to Mars, require a higher velocity and, thus, more speed and less fuel available
for a landing!
Using a launch in Florida as an example, the rocket goes from Florida and heads East
over the Atlantic Ocean; a sea landing reduces the travel distance back to Earth to
perform a landing, as the rocket doesn’t have to travel as far.
This means for more ambitious launches, SpaceX can’t return its first stage of the rocket
to land. As Musk put it at a conference, “For half our missions, we will need to land out
to sea. Anything beyond Earth is likely to need to land on the ship.”
While the main motivation for sea landing is logistics, it is safer to land on the sea
because things can go wrong, resulting in mighty explosions. On land, this could be a
risk to facilities and staff nearby.
So, while landing at sea is more complicated, SpaceX just has to do it!
Now, if you simply drop your rocket into the sea, you will probably lose it to irreversible
damage. This is where a key component of SpaceX’s reusable operation, the droneship,
comes in! The space company has three of them. These drone ships are massive

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