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IT HAPPENED! SpaceX Is FINALLY Launching Their Starship To Orbit in January 2022!

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It is a great time to be alive for space enthusiasts! For the first time in the history of the
space industry, a private company is launching both cargo and crew to the International
Space Station! This company is no other than SpaceX, but it has even greater
ambitions; it wants to take ordinary folks and not astronauts to Mars! Spurred on by its
visionary CEO, Elon Musk, the company has been rapidly building and testing the
rocket that will serve as the transport vehicle! And after years of hard work, SpaceX is
ready to send the Starship on its first orbital flight in January! How prepared are the
Starship and SpaceX for this momentous occasion? Let’s find out as we dive into how
SpaceX is testing the Starship in January!
Do you want to go to Mars one day? If yes is your answer, Elon Musk can make it
happen! You share the ambition with him, and he had been dreaming this since he was
a kid! However, that doesn’t mean Musk doesn’t have tangible reasons for establishing
a colony on Mars. He believes humans cannot afford not to be interplanetary because a
cosmic mishap could wipe out the earth! For humanity to be preserved, Musk is taking
volunteers, up to a million of them, to live permanently on the harsh planet Mars!
To make this longest migration in the history of humankind, Musk is building a giant
rocket called the Starship! There is no doubt that the spacecraft is meant for hopping
between planets as it was initially named Interplanetary Transport System. It will be the
first human-bearing spacecraft to land on another planet to take people to Mars.
However, it would have completed several uncrewed missions before that milestone.
You can’t just airlift humans to another planet because they will perish within a short
time! You need to prepare where they will live and other processes that will literally keep
them alive! So SpaceX will use the Starship to transport cargo ahead of the actual
Musk plans to make up to a thousand Starships that will blast off at the rate of three per
day. The CEO wants everything on steroids to save time! However, before he can send
off the first Starship on its way, Musk has a lot of testing and preparations to make! For
example, Musk has to upgrade the launch site to be capable of supporting the
operations of launching a rocket as powerful as the Starship. Consider fueling, for
example. The Starship requires a large amount of fuel to take off! The upper stage has
a capacity for 1200 tonnes of fuel while the booster takes almost triple of that at 3400
tonnes! That is hardly surprising given that the rocket can lift more than 100 tonnes of
payload per mission! But SpaceX has to get the facility ready to supply all that amount
of fuel! It is building tank farms that can contain the fuel.
However, even if the launch facility is ready, the Starship itself has to be thoroughly
tested! SpaceX is building an entirely new kind of rocket in several aspects. First, unlike
other rockets that are good for single use, the Starship works just like an airplane! It will
fly multiple times! The two stages of the Starship are fully reusable. SpaceX has been
partially reusing its Falcon rockets by recovering the boosters after each launch, but it is
going after full reusability with the Starship! After separation, the booster will return to
the earth for another launch. The Ship will also return after it completes its mission. This
Musk expects to reduce the cost of space travel significantly and open it up to more
people! He imagines you can sell your home to fund a trip to Mars aboard the Starship!
Needless to say, reusability introduces complications to the design. The Ship, for
example, has to be protected during the re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. The heat
produced can fry all the electronic components that make the spacecraft function! To
prevent this potential damage, SpaceX has covered one side of the Ship, that is, the
side that will be exposed to the heat, with heat-resistant ceramic tiles.
SpaceX also had to design a landing system unique to the Starship. It begins by falling
out of the sky, belly first, to expel the greatest amount of velocity as physically possible
while in freefall. At around 500 meters in altitude, it will light two Raptor engines, gimbal
them full tilt, fold in the rear flaps, and swing from horizontal to vertical so it can land tail
down on its landing legs.
When the rear fins retract and tuck in, the nose portion experiences a substantially
higher amount of drag compared to the tail section. This, combined with the firing
Raptor engines, cause the tail section to rotate under the nose, making the rocket
vertical. Sometime in the future, SpaceX might add hot gas thrusters to further aid in the

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