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James Webb Telescope Will Finally Prove Albert Einstein's Wormhole Theory!

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There are lots of mysteries in our universe that scientists would love to unravel.
However, one problem they contend with is the limitation of the instruments they use to
study space! For example, wormholes have fascinated humankind for decades and
have even appeared in movies. But locating them has been impossible, and the concept
remains a theory! But then, scientists now have a powerful tool in space, the James
Webb Space Telescope! Will this biggest ever telescope finally prove Einstein’s
wormhole theory?
One of human’s most outstanding achievements in space is the recent launch of the
James Webb Space Telescope! It might have been delayed for decades and run over-
budget severely, but that does not distract from the fact that it is a feat of human
ingenuity and insatiable appetite for knowledge, especially to find answers to why we
are here and how we got here! It will also answer the age-old question of whether we
are alone in the universe or aliens could come knocking one day!
The JWST is not the first space telescope to be sent out there, so what makes it unique
or different? Well, costing nearly 10 billion dollars, the once-in-a-generation flagship
mission is the most expensive ever attempted! However, the cost is not the only
extraordinary thing about the JWST because it is the most technologically daunting
project of its kind! Its mind-numbing complexity involves hundreds of mechanisms that
must work exactly as planned for the telescope to operate as designed!
To fulfill its mission of capturing the faint infrared emissions from the dawn of space and
time, the telescope, built by Northrop Grumman, will be cooled by a five-layer sunshield
the size of a tennis court that had to be folded up to fit into the launch vehicle! The
complexity continues once in space because the hair-thin layers must be deployed,
precisely pulled tautly, and separated by 16 to 18 inches to dissipate heat that otherwise
would overwhelm and blind the telescope’s sensors! On the side of the shield facing the
sun, temperatures will be a toasty 260 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other side, the optics
and instruments will be chilled to some 370 degrees below zero, a roughly 600-degree
temperature differential! That’s equivalent to a sun protection factor, or SPF, of about 1
The result is an operating temperature less than 55 degrees above absolute zero, the
theoretical point at which atoms freeze in place! As if that cooling is not enough, one of
Webb’s four science instruments is equipped with its own cooler, allowing it to operate
at less than 10 degrees above absolute zero.
And then there’s JWST’s 21.3-foot-wide primary mirror, the largest ever launched, with
six times the light-gathering power of Hubble! It comprises 18 gold-coated beryllium
segments, six of which also had to be folded away to either side for launch! Once in
space, those two mirror wings must be rotated into position and locked in place. Then,
each segment must be individually tipped and tilted as required to achieve a perfect
focus. If that doesn’t resolve a problem, each segment has a separate motor-driven
mechanism that can change its shape ever so slightly if needed.
Fully deployed and cooled to the planned operating temperature, the JWST will be
sensitive enough to detect, in theory, the heat of a bumblebee at the distance of the
moon! It is 100 times more powerful than the old and faithful Hubble telescope!
What could go wrong? The appropriate question was, what could not go wrong
because, with all the folding and unfolding parts, the JWST ended up with about 40
deployments, 178 release mechanisms that encompass nine different designs, 155
motors, over 600 pulley assemblies, and about 1,300 feet of cabling! Out of those 178
release devices, 107 of them are associated with the sunshield alone! But there is more!
The JWST has over 26 miles of harnessing and wire harnesses, 30,000 or so fasteners,
and almost 1,600 connectors! You can now begin to appreciate why the telescope costs
so much!
Do you want to hear the craziest thing about the JWST? Everything has to work
precisely as planned, or very close to it, or the most expensive telescope in history
could become one of NASA’s most crushing failures! Unlike the Hubble Space
Telescope, which operates in low-Earth orbit where spacewalking shuttle astronauts
could correct the focus of its famously flawed mirror, the JWST is parking in place a
million miles away, far beyond the reach of any repair crew!
However, the launch went smoothly atop the Arianne 5 rocket in French Guyana, and
the trip to space was smooth as well! The JWST is now sitting pretty in its orbit in the
Lagrange Point 2, where it will orbit the sun!
Thanks to its four state-of-the-art instruments designed to capture infrared images and
spectra, the JWST will extend astronomers’ reach several hundred million years closer

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