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Scientists New Discovery On Mars Changes Everything!

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Ever since humans started exploring the universe, Mars has been a constant point of fascination. After decades worth of research and missions sent to mars, it has been found that the dusty, red planet has a solid surface, large deposits of frozen water, and is speculated to have once had ancient life billions of years ago. So, as we gaze to the stars to expand our living borders, we are continuously reminded that the world beyond the atmosphere is hostile, cold, and cruel.
But is there life on mars? Join us today as we are going to talk about terrifying discoveries made by Nasa’s mars rovers over the years and why are scientists so thrilled to find these. And let’s get started!
As humans are reaching out to Mars and making new discoveries there, NASA’s intentions to land astronauts on the red planet by 2030, could become a reality one day. However, one of the most difficult tasks is just transporting people over the 34 million miles of space between Earth and Mars.
Humans, on the other hand, will face significant challenges once they get on Mars, which is a harsh, freezing, and hostile planet. Human life on Mars requires water, but the Red Planet doesn’t have any – or does it? Evidence dating back to the 1970s contradicts this claim, when the Mariner 9 and Viking space probes first returned photographs of Mars to Earth.
Scientists released a research in science in 2018 claiming to have discovered a 12-mile-wide lake lying approximately a mile below Mars’ south pole. The US Geological Survey said in the same year that they had discovered eight places on Mars where erosion had exposed significant cross-sections of ice deposits between one and 100 meters beneath the planet’s surface.
While scientists and astronomers have learned a lot about Mars over the last few decades, confirming the presence of life isn’t one of them. Mars is both a wonderful and a terrible place to go looking for life, as the researchers now believe that the Red Planet wasn’t always such a wreck. For the first billion or so years of its 4.5 billion year life span, it was awash in oceans and seas and protected by a thick blanket of air. Eventually, however, its magnetic field shut down, allowing the solar wind to claw away the atmosphere and the water to vanish into space.

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