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SpaceX's INSANE Engeneering Behind Raptor 2.0 Engine

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The INSANE Enginnering Behind Raptor V2 Engine.

SpaceX insane Raptor engines power the Starship that Musk is taking to Mars. What makes them so good And why are they called the King of rocket engines This is a sneak peek into the insane engineering of SpaceX Raptor engine.

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The engine itself is evolving, with Raptor 2 now deep into testing at SpaceX’s McGregor test site. Raptor 1 already sported 185t of thrust. However, with Raptor 2, that increases to 230t. Raptor 2 is also “greatly simplified while increasing thrust.

Half the cost at more thrust,” Musk added. The current peak thrust R2 operated at is 247 tons, so SpaceX is confident 250t will be achieved, which is “obviously essential to making SS work.”

The visual changes between Raptor v1 and v2 are apparent, with less cabling and plumbing around the engine. While it’s easily visible around the entire engine, the turbopump appears to have been shrunk in size, and the plumbing has been consolidated.

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Raptor 2 SN5 appears to be a Raptor Boost engine, which means it lacks the ability to gimbal or steer and cannot throttle as low as Raptor Center engines.

This engine is far more than just a step up from V1. It was a complete redesign; everything from turbomachinery to chamber nozzle to its electronics has been redesigned. This allowed items to be deleted and consolidated while the turbopumps are more robust.

Citing his dislike of flanges, many have now been converted to welds. “At high pressures and cryogenic temps flanges are a nightmare,” Musk noted. “700-800 bar in places, 11000psi, going to welded from flanges is helpful.”


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