The Lost Mermaid of PiRATE iSLAND!! Melody Learns to be a Real Kid from Pirate Dad! new 3D Cartoon – YouTube

The Lost Mermaid of PiRATE iSLAND!! Melody Learns to be a Real Kid from Pirate Dad! new 3D Cartoon

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  • Published On: 2022-04-29 20:34:53
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another fun A for Adley video re-imagined by Spacestation Animation!!


EPiSODE 5 of our 3D ANIMATED CARTOON IS HERE!! We are SO excited to show you our newest episode “The Lost Mermaid” We had so much fun making this cartoon with the help of Shaun, Jenny, Adley, Niko, and the whole Spacestation Animation Crew! We start off at Pirate Island with Pirate Dad and his first mate Chuck getting ready for a fun day of obstacle courses and playing in the rain! Pirate Dad starts setting up the fun and begins cleaning up near the Hot Tub! When he opens the hot tub he finds a cute surprise! Melody the Mermaid has been trapped in the Hot Tub!! She explains that she lost her way while exploring and wants to go home! Pirate Dad quickly says that he will help her and he takes her to his home to make sure she is safe and comfortable!! While at the house, Melody and Pirate Dad talk about how to get Melody home, but Pirate Dad accidentally feeds her human food! Melody tells Pirate Dad that human food is magic for mermaids and something amazing happens!! She turns into a HUMAN!! Now that Melody had legs she asks Pirate Dad if he will teach her how to walk and he is excited about the challenge! They practice and practice and finally get walking down!! After hanging out with each other and enjoying one other’s company Melody asks if she can go home to Pirate Island! The new friends come up with a plan to turn Melody back into a mermaid with some seaweed and send her home! As Melody turned back into her true self, they said goodbye and promised to see each other soon!

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and LOTS of love ❤️

For a sneak peak of our next episode be sure to join Shaun Mcbride and his Family on the A for Adley animation video:

The A for Adley video used to make this animation –

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