Adley’s HAiR SALON ✂️ Family Haircut and Dad gets a Spa Makeover!! Mom gives Niko Spider Man style! – YouTube

Adley’s HAiR SALON ✂️  Family Haircut and Dad gets a Spa Makeover!! Mom gives Niko Spider Man style!

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  • Published On: 2022-02-09 21:34:48
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another fun A for Adley video re-imagined by Spacestation Animation!!


EPiSODE 3 of our 3D ANIMATED CARTOON IS HERE!! We are SO excited to show you our newest episode “Adley’s Hair Salon” We had so much fun making this cartoon with the help of Shaun, Jenny, Adley, Niko, and Navey Mcbride! Adley opened her own hair salon and she excited to have customers!! She started her day by opening up shop, organizing all of her tools, and getting her chair ready, Mom was Adley’s first customer, and she wanted Adley to do her makeup and give her some curls in her hair!! While Adley was curling her hair she accidentally started her hair on FiRE but put it out with the water bottle! Mom was such a good customer so Adley offered her a job at the salon! Their next customers were Niko and Dad !! They needed haircuts too! Niko wanted to look like Spiderman! While Adley and Jenny were working on Niko, Dad fell asleep in the waiting room so the girls started putting pins on him as a prank!! When he woke up he was so confused!! Then it was Dad’s turn for a hair cut. They sprayed him with water, and put shaving cream all over him!! He was really messy so the had to wash him off so they took him to our bath area and shoved him in the tub so that he could rinse off!! When they were done Dad gave them the money to pay for his and Niko’s haircuts… but it wasn’t enough so they kicked him out of the salon!

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For a sneak peak of our next episode be sure to join Shaun Mcbride and his Family on the A for Adley animation video:

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