Basics of Stock Market Explained | Stock Market for Beginners | How to start investing | Harsh Goela – YouTube

Basics of Stock Market Explained | Stock Market for Beginners | How to start investing | Harsh Goela


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Here’s the Portfolio Management Excel Sheet Bonus:
The Mindset that is required to ACE Stock Markets –

This Video is a Guide for Beginners to learn the Basics of the Stock Market through Case Studies.

We also look into human psychology affects the stock markets and the prices are driven by nothing but our Sentiment.

Case Study Illustrations:
– Harshad Mehta: explaining the entire Harshad Mehta Scam and how he manipulated the market prices.
– Warren Buffet – How he made his fortune by investing in Cocacola. We discuss the growth of Warren Buffet via his company Berkshire Hathaway and how much have they earned or finding out their return on investment. Seeing that Warren Buffet is earning a CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 19% whereas Sensex is giving us a CAGR of 17%.

00:00 Introduction
01:46 Index
02:40 Rules
03:56 Who am I?
11:04 What is Stock Markets?
19:25 Why/ How Share Price Moves?
32:46 Harshad Mehta – Case Study
37:32 What is SEBI?
43:04 What is a Stock Broker?
45:24 What is NSE / What is BSE?
46:47 What is Nifty50 / Sensex30? What is Index?
50:15 The Importance of Index
52:17 Types of Traders and Investors
52:55 What type of Trade is the best?
54:46 Hoe to make Career in Stock Markets
56:31 Types of Studies in Stock Markets
59:55 Warren Buffett – Case Study
01:03:25 Warren Buffet Returns – Berkshire Hathaway
01:06:11 What Returns do People Expect?
01:08:34 Knowledge you need in Stock Markets?
01:10:54 Sensex and Warren Buffett Return
01:15:05 The Wealth Formula
01:21:06 Calculation – Case Study
01:28:09 Get Rich – Calculation
01:39:50 Three Category of People
01:42:22 Inflation in Reality
01:48:25 Tax Liability
01:49:10 Middle-Class Struggle
01:51:52 Why do people lose money in Stock Markets
01:54:11 Congratulations
01:55:30 My Secret

Comparing Gold, Real Estate, Banks, and Equity to see which one gives the highest return for us and learning that there should be a balance of all the assets in one’s portfolio.

We will discuss how to make a career in Stock markets, what things to keep in mind, how will be our experience in stock markets, and the roadmap to move ahead.

Discussing the wealth formula where one can find out and calculate their own financial future so that we are not dependent on advisors but act according to our specific needs. We cover Future Value, Present Value, Time period of investments, finding the return on investments, and finally seeing the SIP.

We look into what is SIP ie Systematic Investment Plan and why should one go for SIP.

Comparing SIP with Lumpsum style of investment.

Using the wealth formula we calculate the returns when we invest in an index ie Sensex or Nifty, further how to set growth targets for ourselves so that we can invest and take risks accordingly.

Putting light on the Problem of inflation in our investments and seeing the real inflation. The middle class is one segment of society that always inevitably suffers.

What is the right mindset of investments and how can we attain it.

After watching this video, you will be able to answer the following questions:
How and Why Stock Market Prices go up or down
What is SEBI?
What is NSE?
What is BSE?
What is an Index?
What are Sensex and Nifty?
What is Exchange?
What is a Stock Broker?
What is SIP ie Systematic Investment Plan?
Why and How people lose money in Stock Markets?
Should one invest in the long term or short term in stock markets?
How to start generating income from Stock Markets and its detailed process?

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