Elon Musk Drops Huge Starship Update | SpaceX Update – YouTube

Elon Musk Drops Huge Starship Update | SpaceX Update


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  • Published On: 2022-03-22 02:56:52
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Elon Musk on Twitter announces the possible timeline for Starship Orbital Test Flight. There are speculations that the FAA could once again delay the final result of PEA for the Starship program which is due on March 28. SpaceX has won another contract to launch OneWeb’s satellites.

Credits: SpaceX, Starship Gazer

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  1. There's another company using a similar situation and the FAA has to give the ok and make sure that legislation follows correctly for safety and not misclassifying of licences if people were being misled for years.

  2. Elon …you are a genius n have a good heart..to help others

    so learn to be a shrewd businessman..


    (Thrd world and first world countries and communist ,dictators , whose leaders ..want to steal enrich themselves ..at the expense of their people
    Like putin n oligarch n xu jin ping n communits ..THEY ARE ENRICHING THEMSELVES ..COMMUNISM IS EQUAL ..no oligarch ..

    So choose n decide..Democratic countries n people and your invention use it to protect HUMANITY

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    And the World will have peace…

  3. Those New BF Rupture 2.0 Engines … aren't even Finished … or Delivered … or Mounted … or Tested … or Fine Tuned … or Retested … or Trusted yet ! … Then they will need Troubleshooting … Re-engineering … Fixing and multiple Trials ! ….. That's going to take Time ! …. Plus Musk hasn't even got a BF Booster completed to put them on ! …. Misleading Musk will be Lucky to Launch this Year ! … Which is perfectly understandable … So what's with this , May Launch Bullshiit ??

  4. Booster BF #9 ?? ……….. LMFAO ! …….. Build them and Scrap them ! …… It's no wonder the FAA shut Musk Down …. He breaks the Rules and mumbles Salesman Bullshiit ! …. What a Boca Chica Fiasco …. 33 Rupture engines , packed like Sardines under a BF Tin Can Rocket full of Gasoline …….. Houston … this is getting insane ! ……..

  5. I have 0 faith the FAA will be finished. They are trying to make everyone believe there is only one person working on all 19,000 comments, hence the delay. 65 work days, 8 hours a day would equate to one person reviewing roughly 37 comments a day. Slow rolling it and making excuses while falling on their sword “need more time to review.” What a crock. Thank you FAA for stifling productivity and space exploration. If you force SpaceX to move operations to KSC, I’m certain all of the employees of SpaceX, all of their contractors at Boca Chica, the surrounding cities and the state of Texas will applaud your ineptness.

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