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1. World’s Largest Investment Fund Company Announces They Now Offer Crypto Stellar Lumens (XLM). Wow!!!!!!!!
2. This Royal Family Bank In Europe Now Offers Direct Bitcoin, Ethereum and Other Crypto for again…Direct Investment!!! This is crazy!!!
3. Crazy Senator Elizabeth Warren is Hating on Bitcoin Again….She Makes a Fool of Herself Again.
4. The Country of India Parliament Really Shows How Dumb They Are About Crypto…..and It’s Clear All They Care About Is TAXING CRYPTO!!!!
5. Watch for more world news and become smarter with your crypto adoption knowledge learned here.

  1. I've only been in the crypto space for about 15 months. I'm packing my bags with ISO approved cryptos. I also have a limited few alts I DCA into weekly DOT, MATTIC, ZIL, ADA and a couple others holding a 1000 or better because nobody knows for sure. Holding like a tic on a dog ☮️ glad I found your channel

  2. Advice : Save the external wallet updates on a flash drive, but don't install them.
    This way you have ALL the current updates for your wallet, incase you need to install them on your hardware wallet in the future.
    Because you might need the updated software incase the older versions don't allow you to cash out your crypto, when you are ready. 👍

  3. Exactly! Trying to scare everybody out . They could pump dump the price im not here for 50 cent 20 cent xrp it’s all the same when it’s under a few bucks . We want to become banks $$$$

  4. Imagine a world where you invest in a “currency” with post taxed dollars and you take on all of the associated risks of that investment and then when the investment pays off, some crooks threaten you & demand 30-40 percent of your holdings…

  5. lmao at the royal fam. fuck it. please tell me which of the 20 lawyers appointed do not own crypto. show me at least one of um that hasnt been invested in this illegal US terrosrist platform. it will be regulated in favor of the people i hope to soften the hahahaha on the SEC and all the supporters of that clown sector of the govt

  6. the faraday bag is to prevent the device from getting damaged in the event of an electromagnetic pulse attack, the EMP can shut down devices that use computer chips such as cars, hardware wallets and most electronics that we use in every day life. It can also block the signal in a Bluetooth device such as the nano ledger x and blocks RFID readers from tracking the device. The mnemonic passphrase is stored only on the hardware wallet device, not on the computer, ledger live or phone. software wallets store the passphrase on the computer or phone which can easily be hacked hence its not recommended to use a software wallet, if they wanted to hack a hardware wallet,they would actually need to take the physical hardware wallet from you! The actual coins or crypto currency is stored on the blockchain. the hardware wallet stores your 24 word mnemonic passphrase offline, “the keys” 🔐 its stored in the hardware device inaccessible to the internet. The device is used like a key to validate transactions without exposing your passphrase or “keys” to the internet. ( not financial advice, do your own research 🧐 twitter:@Cryptohulk17 and mine @MetaMan_X)

  7. Hardware wallets store your “keys”, your keys are your 24 word passphrase . The actual cryptocurrency is stored on the blockchain.
    Hardware wallet= key 🔑
    blockchain = Vault 🔒
    Software wallets keep your “keys” on the computer 💻 or cell phone 📱 . Its more susceptible to a hack, why? Because the hacker could verify transactions sense your passphrase is on the software and connected to the internet. The hacker could validate transactions and send to their own wallet. Could the hardware wallet get hacked? Yes , but the hacker would need to take the actual hardware wallet from you! (Not financial advice, Do your own research 🧐 Twitter:@Cryptohulk17 and mine is @MetaMan_X )

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