How China is TRAPPING INDIA using Pakistan & Sri Lanka? :Geopolitics Case study (China's Trade plan) – YouTube

How China is TRAPPING INDIA using Pakistan & Sri Lanka? :Geopolitics Case study (China's Trade plan)


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In 2013, the Chinese president Xijing made an announcement that took the entire world by surprise. This is when He made the announcement of something called the Belt and Road initiative and this initiative is by far the most crucial project that its going to cost China 1-8 trillion dollars, will take 27 years to be completed, involves 146 nations including major countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Russia and most importantly, it will make China the most powerful nation in the world!!! and as much as it scares me to say, but if the Belt and Road initiative goes well, India will be nowhere I repeat Nowhere close to China!!

So in perhaps the most important geopolitical episode of Think School, let’s try to understand,

What is exactly is the Belt and Road initiative?

How will this make China a global superpower?

and most importantly, what are the study materials that can help you understand China’s Masterplan better so that you can keep a check on what India is doing to counter it?

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