How LIC's Agents Changed India FOREVER turning it into a 22 Lakh Crore Company ? : LIC Case Study – YouTube

How LIC's Agents Changed India FOREVER turning it into a 22 Lakh Crore Company ? : LIC Case Study


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Invest in the Insurance sector of India:

In March 2022, India is about to witness its biggest ever IPO in the history of the stock market. Because the country’s largest insurance company LIC is about to give away 5% of the Indian government’s stake to potentially raise nearly $8 billion.
LIC is an iconic company in India history, that has been dominating the Indian insurance sector since 66 years and what blew our mind is that in 2017, while GOI’s budget was 383.93 Billion dollars, LIC’s AUM itself was 403.44 Billion dollars. The customer base of LIC is nearly 6 times the population of the United Kingdom. and with more than 280 million policies, it is the fifth largest insurer in the world in terms of insurance premium collection as of 2020. and today LIC is not just insurer but a nation builder, an employment generator and a critical financial conglomerate of India!!
The question is 
What is the story of LIC?
How did it become such an important engine in India’s growth history?
and most importantly as investors, what are the factors that you need to consider before you invest into LIC or Similar companies?

This video answers these questions

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