How To Build a Simple Cryptocurrency Live Trading Bot with Python using the Binance API – YouTube

How To Build a Simple Cryptocurrency Live Trading Bot with Python using the Binance API


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  • Published On: 2021-05-16 18:18:18
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This video is about getting live cryptocurrency data via the Binance Socket Manager and store them in a database followed by analyzing this data and build a simple trend following trading strategy with the live data.

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Let me know if you find content like this valuable. I will continue to implement some technical indicators and Machine Learning on Cryptocurrencies. I personally think that is pretty interesting. Nevertheless don’t worry I am anyhow also covering stock trading topics 🙂

Disclaimer: This video is not an investment advice and is for educational and entertainment purposes only! Cryptocurrency and automated trading is bearing a high amount of risk which might result in a total loss of your invested capital.

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More information on the Binance Socket Manager:

Alternatively you can use the websocket library and pick the stream provided in the official Binance API documentation:

Set up Binance API video:

Python & SQL:

Cumulating returns:

Video on Trendfollowing:

00:00 – 01:38 Introduction / Disclaimer
01:38 – 05:05 Requesting data using the Binance Socket Manager
05:05 – 08:28 Data Cleaning / Manipulation
08:28 – 11:31 Getting Live Data into a SQLite DataBase
11:31 – 14:30 Requesting Live Data from the SQL DB
14:30 – 16:22 Explanation of Trendfollowing strategy
16:22 – 26:25 Coding the Trading Bot (simplified)
26:25 – 29:41 Test the Bot with real money trade

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Code source:

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