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Hubble Telescope Reveals the Origins Of BLACK HOLES!


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  • Published On: 2022-04-24 00:34:09
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The Hubble Space Telescope Has Captured Evidence Of the Origins of Black Holes!

Looking at the stars is quite literally time travel. Because it takes light from distant stars so long to reach us, some of them may have already burned out, and we’re left gazing at ghosts. As we’re able to peer farther and farther into the distance, we’re also able to peer farther and farther back in time, to the birth of the universe itself. And what we’re finding there is helping us fit together pieces in the puzzle of how it all began.

Welcome back to Factnomenal. Today, we’re exploring the discovery of a missing link deep in the origins of our universe, a discovery that may help us understand the formation of supermassive black holes.

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  1. We're living in a pocket universe birthed from a grander, proper super universe. Time is a major function in our pocket universe, but may be time is irrelevant in the super parent universe that ours comes from.

  2. Isn't it that the energy can't be created or destroyed only transformed? So the energy needed to create SMBHs back then should have existed, it might just be in a different form?

  3. we need to remember to be humans as much as possible and not try to be gods. so nature can tell us everything we need to know whats happening inside and outside earth. keep up with similar ideologies and enjoy nature as a psychedelic kaleidoscope

  4. The majesty of the heavens shows Gods glory. He stretched out the heavens like a canvas. His love for us is never ending stretching higher then all the stars in the heavens. God already explained to us what we are desperately trying to search for. God bless.

  5. Once again what is being said makes no sense at all. He said in order for a black hole of a billion times that of the sun to exist back then, that the universe didn't have enough matter in it at that time. So he doesn't even realize that what he is saying is that the big bang was not the source of the matter in the universe, and at the same time he is saying that matter is continuously being created. Thats when I knew nothing was to be learned here xx as is the case with almost anything they connect with this fairy tale of the big bang and other theories. Get your lies straight before you broadcast them

  6. Saibaba pranam well just guesswork but seems like the sun is very essential for the begining of life on a planet as with sun there is daylight and with daylight there is rainfall and rainfall destriys the life-destroying property of space particles bcoz of the gana ray's from the space atoms in particles. With the soothing down of the gamma Ray's existence of life begins.. the gama rays from the space. atoms, god forbid doesn't allow life formation bcoz of it extreme heat ..llry in, god forbid, no rainfall seasons or no rainfall places. god forbid, we get to hear news smetyms abt sne kind of unknown poisoning… That seems bcoz of the gama properties in the atoms in particles frm space in the absence of rainfall in the region or season for a considerable amt of time… Saibaba pranam Aum Shanti Aum Jai Shri Ram

  7. "the origin of a black hole" Why are they not telling the truth, that block holes are "just" the center of galaxies? If you see two black holes close to one and another, it's because two galaxies are colliding.

  8. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transferred. So I don’t quite understand when the narrator says there was not enough energy to create black holes 🕳 so early on. Same applies to any matter in the early universe.

  9. Listen this is just crap ok!! We don’t know what’s in our oceans right NOW!!! and you and all the scientists know what happened a bazillion years ago??! Lol 😂 ok 👍🏼

  10. Hm gonna give my two cents on this but could it be that shortly after the formation of our Universe, when the first black holes started to appear, that there was more dark matter at the Universe at that time and it was somehow being converted into actual matter at the center of these black holes therefore possible explaining why they are bigger than what they should be with the knowledge we have of matter available at the time for them to consume. With this thinking I purpose that somehow this dark matter can be accessible trough a different "dimension" inside our own Universe that is only acessable or converted into matter at the highly active centers of these black holes possibly "explaining" as well how Quasars can be ridiculously powerfull when compared to anything else, simply because they could be the result of the interaction or transformation of dark matter located in a different dimension into ours. Could it be that somehow the interaction between these two dimmensions is so insanely powerfull that it creates a small tear in our dimmension which is possibly not as intense or active as this other dimension and we end up seeing just a tiny fraction of the purposed power of this dimension trough this interaction?

  11. Modern theoretical physics is based on the mutually exclusive statements that the speed of light is constant and cannot be exceeded regardless of frame of reference, the speed of light was thousands of times faster than at present soon after the Big Bang and the Universe is now expanding faster than the speed of light. Add to this the Abrahamic religious account of a Universe that came out of nothing a few thousand years ago remastered as the Big Bang a few billion years ago and you have a complete industry based on fantasy.
    It would be true to say that every observation ever made would be consistent with a Universe that has always been there and will continue in much the same way as it does at present.

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