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HUGE! Rocket Lab Does What SpaceX Can't Do!


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Rocket Lab is the new underdog to watch closely. It was founded in 2006 by a young visionary named Peter Beck, who has always tinkered with and worked on engines ever since he was a child. Valuable work experience would later go on to give him first-hand experience alongside valuable people with whom he would eventually start Rocket Lab. This company started out serving a niche launch industry for data-reading instruments but later made the bold move into general orbital payload contracts. Progress was slow but steady, and Rocket Lab recently completed a milestone by handling a launch mission for NASA with their Electron spacecraft. Now, they are hard at work on the Neutron. This new vehicle is expected to break records for costs and speed, bringing both down by a huge margin. It’s different from other designs, even those made by SpaceX due to the fact that it’s built with composite materials. This allows it to not only save fuel but also consequently bring down the cost of each launch by also making the landing process much easier. Indeed, Neutron is meant to be fully reusable and there are innovations in the works for exactly that purpose. The Electron rocket is presently priced at $7.5 million and while CEO Peter Beck has not commented on the price of the Neutron, it’s expected to be lower. Of course, tackling SpaceX will be an immensely difficult task especially since they have Starship on the horizon. However, efforts are steadily being undertaken for total success.

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