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i lost everything on crypto... what now.

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  • Published On: 2022-05-14 00:19:14
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Ex-Google TechLead on his next moves in crypto, LUNA, TERRA, and UST.
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  1. Anybody putting money into crypto currencies right now is not investing, they are speculating. You need the know the difference between the between the two, if you don't, chances are you are going end up losing your shirt.

  2. I don't think I'm a narc. I like things going my way but I have shame/guilt and love a win/win argument or deal.  

    Plus I'm a Bitcoin Maxi and think there are too many attack vectors on the other chains as LUNA so dramatically displayed.  

    Having worked in software for 20 plus years, it's also clear to me that most crypto outside of BTC is complex and new. Ripe for exploitation.

  3. Money in crypto is not made by investment. Replay birth of stock exchange. There has been so many terra Luna's on the index you could not swat them if they were all flies. Crypto is new. Things like faith don't pay bills. Learn to read a stick chart. Then short the market. Cryptocurrency is so unstable that all the money is made by anyone who can play as a day trader on the short. Buy low. Sell high. It's an easy prescription and a hard discipline. I spent 200 bucks on terra Luna after the crash. I made my roi. Then scalped 100% profit. Then short trades Luna back up to a significant amount of coins before the market levelled off arund .00013 and things went flat…but then the rubber dead cat bounced again! Unbelievable.

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