Is SafeMoon A Billion Greenback Fraud? Coffeezilla Thinks So – Pt.1: Rug Pull

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The Internet’s detective, Coffeezilla, faces his most unbelievable adversary still. SafeMoon’s tale is so preposterous that it defies all logic. In his “I Uncovered A Billion-Greenback Fraud” video, Coffeezilla and a group of researchers do their very best to determine out specifically what occurred in this curious circumstance. Is SafeMoon a rug pull or is it a misunderstood task? Let us test out the proof that the detective collected for us.

Not to brag, but Bitcoinist feared all of this from the beginning. In the online video above, you know absolutely everyone associated is in trouble as soon as you listen to Jonh Karoni, SafeMoon’s CEO. He describes the undertaking as, “it’s much more about constructing the long run and making a safe and sound upcoming and bringing it now.” What did he say there? Practically nothing, that´s what. And, according to Coffeezilla, which is what SafeMoon is.

Coffeezilla Takes Us To SafeMoon’s Beginning

About the creator of SafeMoon, Coffeezilla says, “It turns out it was a man who believes in Q. His identify is Kyle and very tiny is regarded about him, other than he distrusts the govt and thinks they’re a bunch of criminals.” And SafeMoon’s origin story starts with a conclusion from Kyle, “He decides finding into crypto is the ideal way to start off redistributing some of that prosperity back again to himself”.

Right after a handful of failled jobs, “Kyle observed one thing referred to as Bee token” and made the decision to duplicate it. “When Kayle invested in Bee token, he preferred that it had a special residence to it. A five percent tax on each and every transaction, which was then split into two parts. A few % was included back again to the liquid pool and two p.c was distributed to all the holders of Bee, which just encouraged individuals not to provide. You just held and make dollars, and Kyle liked this idea a lot”.

Just after that, it was time for a fork. “He copied the code and introduced it himself, but with a handful of improvements. He lifted the tax to 10 per cent, and he changed the name to a little something a lot more catchy. He referred to as it SafeMoon.” This is wherever the serious story begins. Are we chatting about a villain or a hero, while?

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How SafeMoon Became A Billion-Dollar Business

The people today couldn’t resist “the assure of safe, effortless money,” so, SafeMoon was a strike like few many others. According to The Ginger, an ex-SafeMoon moderator, “Kyle instructed me that he had no notion that SafeMoon was heading to explode like it did”. In accordance to Coffeezilla, Kyle “was expecting to be in and out.” What appeared like infinite good results transformed the approach a little little bit. 

“Kyle employed a bunch of people today just about as unqualified as himself. There’s a guy, Thomas Smith, who grew to become the lead developer (…) After “Papa”, a man named John Karony is introduced on as the CEO of SafeMoon, and he turns out to be the guy in the group undertaking that sort of all people finishes up hating”.

The SafeMoon token was advertising like hotcakes, and, in 2021 it “really exploded in reputation. They experienced billboards throughout the nation. They had the biggest influencers speaking about them.” What could quite possibly go completely wrong? To answer this question, Coffeezila has to ascertain how the SafeMoon protocol functions. The very first thing is to determine what a Liquidity Pool is: 

“Every pool fundamentally has two diverse currencies and the stage is to supply prospective buyers and sellers a way to trade devoid of typical current market makers like Wall Street has. In a liquidity pool the way it will work is the ratio of your two property decides the cost.”

Which is at this time typical method in DeFi, though. “The key innovation of SafeMoon was this notion that just about every time an individual trades, you just get 5 p.c of it as a tax and place it into the liquidity pool and lock that cash up, so SafeMoon the organization can not contact it. That way you know, as an investor, you can always trade SafeMoon for a honest value.” As you may suspect, none of that transpired.

Coffeezilla’s Summary

The project’s leaders claimed that rug pulls in SafeMoon have been unattainable mainly because the liquidity tax is locked up. However, as it turns out, the challenge that the creators copied was a acknowledged fraud. “If Bee token could rug pull, that implies the money of SafeMoon are also not locked up, and are also not truly risk-free.” Sadly for absolutely everyone concerned, Coffeezilla looks to be proper.

Uncover out exactly why in the SafeMoon saga’s following episode. It’s likely to be a wild trip.

Highlighted image: Coffeezilla screenshot from the video clip | Charts by TradingView
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