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James Webb Telescope Terrifying Discovery Of Dark Matter!


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  • Published On: 2022-03-06 05:40:00
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Few things in space intrigue scientists and the general populace, like dark matter. One
of the draws of dark matter is the terrifying mystery surrounding it. Many experts believe
in the existence of dark matter, which comprises most matter in the universe. However,
with the new James Webb Space Telescope, we are about to learn more about dark
matter! Join us as we dive into the terrifying discovery about dark matter made by the
James Webb Space Telescope that changes everything!


  1. I think off all that dark out there in space as dark matter but like a glob that gobbles up things has pockets where it gets into a entanglement or fight with light leaking trying to escape this creates a explosion that creates universes, and what we will see at the beginning of ours is a black hole, leaking its first drop of light and other stuff then a small ball of light starts getting bigger and bigger perhaps breaking into two colliding or joining into a explosion thus we find out we are a result of a collision between light gas etc and holes within a glob or wall of dark matter that's all around in space and it has layers to it that's parallel universes to the other side so when things leak through as big as universes that's how they collide with other universes sometimes causing even greater explosions but sometimes a black whole gobbles up stuff and it doesn't collide but stays in certain pockets these pockets depending on the conditions might have life and be like us thus goldilock zones it very well could be possible. I think we are not the only ones to fall into a habbital zone net or pit sorta bigger then the one we are sending this telescope with idk 🤷‍♂️ how it all works just a guessing 😆 🤣

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