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LooksRare NFT Marketplace Rewards & Quoth, the Google of NFTs

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  • Published On: 2022-05-05 00:18:27
  • Video Published/Author: The Nifty Alpha
  • Video Duration: 00:38:03
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In this video, Benjamin and Pio sit down to talk about two different NFT platforms, LookRare and Quoth. We discussed the different mechanics that are built-in for LooksRare rewards and discuss the new platform Quoth and what it means to the NFT space.

0:00 Intro
1:00 LooksRare Introduction
5:00 Staking
9:45 DeFi
15:18 Listing/ Trading Rewards
21:00 Collection/Trait Wide Offers
22:00 Global Offers
25:00 Quoth
31:00 Use Cases
35:30 Opportunities In The NFT Space
37:00 Closing Thoughts

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  1. Also, how tf do they reach out to you and yet you have NO stake in it somehow even though you're choosing to promote it… did they not offer you anything??? Why did they reach out to you??? I'm wondering, maybe you're not "sponsored" by them, but are you gonna sit here and tell us you're not invested in them in any way shape or form at all?… Cuz come one dude… come on.

  2. So you wouldn't need to train an AI to identify a fake NFT… it's SUPER easy. All you'd have to do is run a program that verifies the contract address with the known authentic contract address of the NFT collection… So all I got from this whole Quath thing is they're trying to pay people to do their work training their AI?… Not only is that inefficient IMO, but they're relying on people accurately training their AI. Do you get rewards for clicking the up OR down face, regardless of accuracy??? Cuz someone could just run a bot program to randomly run thru these jpegs and indiscriminately "train" this AI… Also again, it only takes a VERY simple script to fetch the contract address of the token and verify it's authenticity and its current owner wallet address… so this is stupid. It's just simply stupid…

  3. wow this looks great🥰🥰 I love your ama. talking bout the rewards how does that work? what can we check for nft if is it stakable or not? or the rarity. Hoping to get info about metaverse nfts.. One im eyeing to is Starlight nft Hope to see their progress with your own review.

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