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Poetry bargains with the fundamental questions of human nature. I believe that that like and independence are undoubtedly between the most vital. True poetry is under no circumstances out of day. Mario Quintana, a Brazilian poet, was delicate and introspective. His lyric can conveniently be put in the custom of romanticism. Quintana’s poems mirror on existence. He reveals the conflict between flexibility and future.

To be an authentic do the job of art, a poem need to converse of the metaphysical problem of the human remaining in the globe. Poetry describes truth with force and conciseness. Reading through poetry, we can have a exclusive appreciation of the ability of language. It forces us to confront new suggestions. It issues our conception of the earth. For this reason, poetry offers us a new and critical way of observing the globe and our area in it. In the poetic world of Quintana, the reflection on the passage of time prevails. In point, this is a constant topic in the lyrical custom. To our poet, the only true matters feel to be those known in childhood. Definitely, the poet can attain the missing globe of childhood only by means of remembrance.

Quintana knew how to mix in his poetry, with knowledge and allure, the colloquial and erudite types of language, also embarking on surrealism, steering clear of, nevertheless, linguistic inventions, as he generally detested simple hermeticism and ambiguity.

A wanderer of the creativeness, he life surrounded by queries, for he knows that we stay in a broken earth, that is, in a “squander land”. The poet employed to say that “no wonder is permitted now… “. The biggest poet is equipped to report the decisive moments of the human experience. His words give shape to ideas, thoughts, values and themes which are properties of his age. Paradoxically, he works by using the activities that are prevalent to all mankind. Via creativity, they add to the revelation of the “clear enigmas” of existence. In other phrases, the poet seeks to triumph over the conflicts he ordeals via inventive development. Thus, his words serve as inspiration and convenience. His words and phrases are magical for the reason that they exude enthusiasm. In the expression of the Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi, poetry “opens the heart and revives it”. This is what we see in Quintana’s poems.

This concern is easily obvious powering the descriptive capabilities and the apparent simplicity of his model. For there we uncover transcendental inquiries about human future, though the poet seems seeking at compact things. In this perception, the poet wrote: “the actual refinement is in simplicity.”

Obviously the poet, when searching at himself, looks at existence. He is constantly vigilant in the confront of each day lifestyle. The poet seeks to catch the second of infinite current in the knowledge. Quintana is a magician of the text.

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