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In this video, I show you new NFT projects that I am looking at and more!

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Nothing in this video is financial advice

  1. Exclusive Epic Dragon has been sold on Magic Eden – The best lending of Solana. I have decied to inevest in this game, and I made the right decision . I have gotten a lot of money from this, with little funds. I think everybody here should take part in a Dragonwar right now !!!

    What do you think ??

  2. Have you heard the word? The Wonk Coin has just launched Charlie and the Chocolate factory are working with new high tech computers producing a currency that gives millions the chance to become millionaires lets gooo !!!!!!!!!!

  3. With the Bull market right around the corner and a successful campaign at the Cryptoexpo Wolverinu was awarded with the most potential game of 2022 we are ahead of schedule and our place within the crypto world has been established we have been put on a path and headed for greatness 🚀⭐

  4. glad to share this testimony because I've gained much profit from the platform she trade with, its the best when it come to crypto/Nft's and metaverse stock mining ⛏. I make weekly earnings on bitcoin through her strategy. I really appreciate the effort of Hana misak who made it happen.

  5. Great content as usual BentoBoi, always very informative and a great watch overall.

    We are trying to create the first hybrid utility project backed by both digital and tangible real life assets. If you love beer and want to chat with a bunch of legends, come to the beer garden in the discord.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Add Peace Inu to your portfolio, this is about to take over the crypto world like they said. The marketing is going crazy, community is fun, and we always give back to the community

  7. I'm delighted to watch this video, thanks 🙏 😊 the greatest challenges investors face can range from controlling impulsiveness to the frailty of coercion. Most newbie’s investors often undermine and neglect the importance of technical analysis with regards to trading cryptocurrencies I would encourage investors to trade as I have been doing with Mr. Albert Johnson since the last bear market, increasing my portfolio daily.

  8. Hello anchor, we are doing Web3.0 diversified community website, currently looking for long-term partners. At present, the company has three major themes, DeFi data board, Gamefi data board, and NFT board with various ways of playing. We strive to build the NFT community of sharing economy. If you have time, can we communicate with each other?

  9. I think the best way to win in bear market is to invest in such projects. Newly released or about to be released projects with high potential are my favourites. Among the projects I follow is XeriansGame. It would be great if there is a review video.

  10. Thanks, it's always helpful to listen to someone's done research, its like gift, for free 😉 I always look for utility NFTs with strong development team, realistic roadmap and active community who believes in the project. Business transformations are so fun to observe rn. I got whitelisted for MetaTriads as I believe fashion in metaverse has huge potential and the overall creative idea is so important too. Donno if you are into casinos, but casino related NFTs could also be passive income generators in sandbox too..

  11. The Market Is about To Crash; I believe the equity markets to be significantly overpriced and feel a severe correction (25% plus) within the next 2-5 months is very plausible. Any sage advice for someone ready to start investing would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Great video Bento, very insightful!
    I appreciate that your videos are short and crisp, i nearly spent an hour watching your videos back to back. Just subscribed and keep new videos coming. Thanks

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