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Node infrastructure provider BlockSpaces adds Lightning Network support for bitcoin


BlockSpaces, a blockchain node infrastructure supplier, has declared that it will soon launch its Lightning Join a simplified, non-custodial Lightning Network node management solution designed to enable fast, low-payment bitcoin (BTC)-based payment processing.

The Lightning Network is a layer two protocol that locks transactions in off-chain intelligent contracts by means of a system termed “channels” which are tied to on-chain bitcoin transactions.

As these, the protocol upholds the protection of Bitcoin whilst enabling faster transactions.

With this addition, BlockSpaces continues to extend its infrastructure which currently supports above 10,000 blockchain nodes throughout the world.

Administration with the BlockSpaces System

Lightning Link will include auto-provisioning and management of Lightning nodes for companies to simplify applying the network while retaining total possession and command of their resources.

Buyers can manage their node by means of the BlockSpaces interface where balances of bitcoin, the latest invoices (via the integration of a BTCPay application), and an overview of channels and liquidity will be displayed.

A huge wide variety of applications are available by way of the Lightning Connect app listing

“We’re pretty energized to announce our company-grade Lightning nodes. This has been a prolonged time coming, as I have been fascinated in and seeing the progress of the Lightning Network development for decades.”
– Gabe Higgins, Co-Founder & Chief Blockchain Officer of BlockSpaces

BlockSpaces will be a leading Lightning Service Supplier (LSP), supplying “Super Channels.”

Individuals wanting to use Lightning no extended have to manually deal with nodes or channels and can now just take benefit of vehicle-harmony, acquire, and mail specified quantities that scale with channel exercise.

Lightning Link provides people absolutely managed infrastructure and functions to manage liquidity though minimizing capital and useful resource prerequisites to operate Lightning nodes.

Lightning Join is an onramp to the Lightning Community

The Lightning Community increases Bitcoin’s scalability in vital regions:

  • Rapid transactions – Transactions can be settled instantaneously. Speeds indigenous to the world-wide-web.
  • Small transaction expenses – Charges are minuscule about Lightning. Much less than a penny.
  • High throughput – Lightning can handle tens of millions of transactions for each next.
  • Security & Privacy – Considering that transactions are off-chain, it is challenging to trace payments about the community.

Lately, BlockSpaces shut a $6M funding round to ramp up advancement and accelerate advancement.

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