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Space Exploration + Krastorio + AAI Vehicles - 129 - Rethinking The Rocket Logistics!


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  • Published On: 2022-05-06 21:30:35
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**Space Exploration**

Space Exploration is an overhaul mod about unique experiences and challenges. After you launch a rocket you start discovering new planets, moons, asteroid belts, and other stars. You build an expansive space station as your main research facility, explore new planets and moons, outpost for special resources, and gradually progress into the darkness of deep space as you expand your interstellar empire.

Status: Experimental / Alpha.



K2 is a global mod that introduces new energy sources, buildings, ores, technologies, turrets, coverings, fuels, ways of producing science, and a major re-balance of many vanilla features.

Our current team:
– Raiguard – Amazing guy who writes code

Former team members:
– Linver – Awesome guy who writes code and some graphics
– Krastor – The other awesome guy and name giver of the mod

Official Krastorio mod page:
Official Space Exploration (Integration Control) mod page:
Official Fluid Must Flow mod page:
Our page on Crowdin:
Open source K2 repository:

**AAI Vehicles**

Program and control autonomous vehicles using a remote control handset or circuit conditions and zones. Can be used for base enemy base assault, patrols, friendly base navigation, vehicle-based mining, vehicle-based resource transportation, and more advanced applications. Works with vanilla and modded vehicles.

Mod State: Alpha
Forum Thread:

Social links:

twitch –
twitter –
youtube –
tiktok –
discord –

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