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Top 3 Crypto to Buy in December 2021 (HUGE Potential)


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► In today’s video, I go over the Top 3 Cryptos to buy this month in December 2021!
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► Crypto has been pretty red the past couple of weeks, which is a very big shocker, as the end of the year is usually a green month for crypto… Is this the start of the bear market, or just a little correction!? Well, we made it, it’s finally the last month of 2021… Not gonna lie this was probably one of the best years crypto has ever had… I take it back it WAS the best year crypto has ever had… Meme coins making people millionaires left and right… The NFT markets going insane! The metaverse is being adopted and introducing a whole new world to crypto… literally and so much more. one heck of a year if you ask me!

► I like to invest in crypto-based projects and the value given by each coin, and I personally think the coins talked about in this video have a great use case and will definitely have a great upside in the future.

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00:00 : Intro + future of the market
01:12 : Quick word
02:11 : Coin 1
08:52 : Coin 2
12:05 : Coin 3

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