Ukraine Russian WAR IMPACT on Bitcoin Ethereum Mining Chia Crypto Mining – YouTube

Ukraine Russian WAR IMPACT on Bitcoin Ethereum Mining Chia Crypto Mining

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  • Published On: 2022-02-25 03:28:23
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Chia is more profitable to farm than Bitcoin is to mine at the average worldwide electric rate daily already, so how long until it overtakes Ethereum? The answer is surprising and the events with the Russian invasion of Ukraine are likely to factor into cryptocurrency production in the EU regions dramatically, and possibly with wider implications globally based on how China reacts. Electric costs are rising, and I cover the breakeven points, average points and spread in this deep dive.

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Chia Profitability Sheet (copy 2 your drive)

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0:00 Russian Invasion and Cryptocurrency Mining
0:50 Bitcoin vs Ethereum Price Trends
1:40 Electrical Rate Increases and Crypto Mining
3:44 German GPU Mining Electric Rates
5:58 Chia All Time Lows More Profitable Then Bitcoin
7:40 Ethereum Mining at EU Rates
8:24 Bitcoin Mining at EU Rates
8:55 Bitcoin Mining in the Negative
9:13 Ethereum Mining in the Negative
10:40 China Taiwan and CPU GPU Chipsets
11:45 Crypto Mining Supply Chain

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  1. 1p (pence) is 1/100 of a £ just like 1c is to a $. This time last year I was paying 14.87p per kwh and daily 22p standing charge for electric, gas was 2.52p and also 22p standing charge. So in a year the cost of electric has doubled, and gas has tripled, with daily standing charges also increasing drasticly. I have a 207TiB Chia farm, an FE3080 on Nicehash, and recently a Helium hotspot. 3080 rig draws 260w (cost £1.93 per day), Chia farm 225w( £1.65 per day), Helium hotspot about 5w (cost per day 4p). Nicehash is currently earning £2.77 a day (was £5 to £6 not long ago), Chia is £2.58 and Helium £10.28 a day over the last 39 days. Although these costs are offset a little by the solar, but the sun doesn't shine a lot this time of year.

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  3. What did you filthy miners expect? Hope you sell everything at a loss and accept the big dose of reality you deserve. You miners are like the cockroaches of society, buying up all GPUs for ridiculous prices and waisting enormas amounts of elektricety to mine a russian invented moneygrab and when the boubble pops you are dumb enoth to thing your can then sell the GPUs for 3 time MSRP 🤣

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