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What Happened Before The Big Bang - Big Bang Was A White Hole - White Holes Explained

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This video discusses what happened before the big bang. In the video you will learn what is a white hole and how our universe was created. According to a paper published in 2012, Big Bang itself was a white hole. There are many questions related to the big bang theory that are still unanswered, like- What was there before the big bang? Where did all matter present inside the infinitely dense point at the time of big bang come from?
Fortunately all these questions can be answered by considering the existence of white holes.
According to researchers, Big bang was actually a Supermassive white hole that created our universe.
The whole matter that was swallowed by the supermassive black hole was released by the supermassive white hole and hence our universe came into existence.
Some scientists believe that when a black hole forms, a big bang may occur at the core and this big bang would give birth to a new universe. This new universe expands outside of the parent universe.
If you don’t know, what is a white hole, then let me tell you that a white hole is a cosmic object that spits everything out and nothing can enter into it from outside.
You can see, the properties of a white hole are just opposite to that of a black hole which swallows anything that comes close to it, as nothing can escape from a black hole, not even the light because of it’s extremely high gravitational pull.
But what happens to this swallowed matter, inside the black hole; is still a mystery.
Some researchers think that a white hole may simply be the opposite end of the black hole.
These two ends are connected through a theoretical tunnel of space-time known as the ‘wormhole’. This tunnel is also called as the “Einstein-Rosen Bridge”.
All the matter and energy sucked into the black hole will be finally ejected out through the other end of the black hole which acts as a white hole.
Here you need to know that wormhole is a shortcut through space and time. They are the special solutions to the equations of theory of general relativity by Einstein. Wormholes connect two distant points in space or time through a tunnel.
Some solutions of the equations of the general theory of relativity predicted black holes before they were actually discovered, in the same way, other solutions of these equations also predict the possibility of white holes.
Although white holes have not been found so far but mathematically, possibility of existence of white holes is equal to that of the black holes.
If we could find white holes in future then many mysteries of science will be solved like, How our universe was born? What happened at the time of the big bang? Do white holes generate new universes? What happens to the objects that fall into the black hole- Do these objects enter into another dimension or ejected into another universe from the other end of the black hole? Do parallel universes exist? With white holes, we would also be able to solve the mysteries of black hole information paradox and dark matter.
According to the Smolin’s hypothesis of “cosmological natural selection” which is also known as the “fecund universes” theory, published in 1992, a new universe is emerged on the “other side” of a collapsing black hole.
This newly created universe may have slightly different fundamental constant parameters from the universe where the black hole collapsed.
According to the predictions of classical general theory of relativity, the centre of the black hole is a singularity. Singularity is a place where matter is compressed down to infinity to a tiny point and the laws of physics don’t work there.
Even the concepts of space and time break down at singularity.
But these predictions are not realistic as the concept of singularity neglects the quantum effects.
So a quantum theory of gravity is needed.
Loop quantum gravity is a theory that extends general relativity by quantizing spacetime. This theory predicts that black holes evolve into white holes.
According to the loop Quantum gravity theory, fundamental building blocks of space-time are in the form of extremely small loops. And these loops have finite size.
According to the theory of loop quantum gravity, the compression of the star can not reach to the point of singularity I.e. the point of infinite density.
The theory predicts, before reaching the point of singularity, the star experiences a quantum bounce. It exerts outward pressure on the star and this black hole converts into a white hole. This process of transformation of a black hole into a white hole takes only fractions of a second.
But for the observers outside and far from the black hole this conversion process would seem to take billions of years!!!
Actually this happens because of the time dilation inside the black hole.
The extremely high mass of the black hole, distorts the fabric of space-time. So time moves at slower rate near a black hole. But at the centre of the black hole the time almost freezes.

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