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What If Earth Started Orbiting a Black Hole


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The Solar System is the gravitationally bound system of the Sun and the planets that orbit it. But what if we replace the Sun with some other extreme space objects? First of all, all the planets will lose their light source. Some of the planets might even freeze and the Earth won’t be an exception.

Normally, black holes are so far away that we can’t see them even with a telescope. But something strange has happened and a black hole entered our Solar System and managed to replace our Sun! Let’s see what consequences this would have for us and the neighboring planets…


Scenario1 00:00
Scenario 2 02:31
Scenario 3 05:11

– SCENARIO 1: A black hole that came closer to us – on the spot where our Sun used to be! You can even see an accretion disk, and the background of the sky looks kinda distorted, which means it got really close;
– Our solar system doesn’t have light anymore. No light and no heat either, so even Mercury and Venus will probably get covered in ice pretty soon, not to mention Earth;
– The only salvation might come from the accretion disk that spins so fast it generates heat, but that’s too many chances to take;
– SCENARIO 2: The TV reports say our Sun is gone, and due to some mysterious events, the Moon is not orbiting the Earth anymore – it’s in the center of our solar system now!
– We’re not in the habitable zone anymore. The habitable zone is the distance from a star – in our case, the Sun – at which liquid water could exist on the surface of a planet;
-Without the Moon that peacefully travels close to our planet as it used to, we can see tides are getting lower incredibly fast;
– SCENARIO 3: a giant neutron star took the spot where our Sun used to be. It’s not something we’d recognize on our own – we just noticed something was different and the Sun kinda got smaller and weirder;
– This neutron star has gravity 2 billion times stronger than the one Earth has. This means our new “Sun” will pull all the planets in our solar system towards itself and eventually destroy them.

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  1. I do love these videos and the time and effort you have put in to them. but you called it ''what if earth started orbiting a black hole"when it is actually about different scenarios so maybe it should have been called "what if the sun was replaced with something else". I ain't saying I don't like it,in fact I loved it. Keep up the hard work!

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