🔴 Characteristics of management | Objectives of management | Business studies | class 12 | video 1 – YouTube

🔴 Characteristics of management | Objectives of management | Business studies | class 12 | video 1


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Characteristics of management | Objectives of management | Business studies | class 12 | video 1
Nature and significance of Management – Class 12 –
Chapter 1 – Business studies – Class 12
Nature and Significance of Management class 12
Nature of management
Meaning of management
Objectives of management
Importance of management
Levels of management class 12
Functions of management
Coordination in management
Characteristics of coordination
Top level management
Middle level management
Lower level management
Management as a science
Management as an art
Management as a profession
Coordination the essence of management

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  1. 5:18 I've exams from monday and I'm also listening to it at 2x speed😂…Btw mai bcom student hun aur 12th me bhi aapki videos dekh k hi paas hui thi aur acha score bhi kiya h because of your teaching skills ….Your way of teaching is interesting…boring topics me bhi jaan daal dete ho aap😂…aur aaj phir se yha revision k liye hun because these topics are in bcom too

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