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10 Rules I Follow Everyday


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  • Published On: 2021-08-18 20:17:32
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In this video I’ll be going over 10 mental models I use on a daily basis for productivity and a good all-around life.

00:00 Intro
00:30 The 3 Cs
01:21 Invest in things that take you from 0 to 1
02:23 Hell yeah or no
03:47 Perfect is the enemy of good
05:14 Only watch TV with other people
06:19 The “go first” rule
07:02 The Pareto Principle
08:13 The Reitoff Principle
09:09 Journey before destination
10:23 Everything is figureoutable

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  1. My favourite lessons from this video:
    1. "Everything is figurable" if you roll up your sleeve and actually get down to it
    2. Perfect is the enemy of good. (Actually, perfectionism always holds me back from taking action. I'll bear it in my mind. )
    3.' Go first'
    Thank you Ali!!!

  2. – 0 to 1
    – Only watch T.V. with other people (I think this will apply to play video games too)
    – Reitoff principle

    I've been reading self help books but i've only heard this in your channel. Thank you for this.

  3. If you're depressed or a chronical procrastinator, careful with the Hell yeah or no thing. Very few thing will actually feel like a Hell yes when they actually are so and it may end up hurting more than helping

  4. Life before death, strength before weakness, a journey before destination. And I really always think about the journey before the destination, like basically… With basically everything in life, it just is about the journey. It's not about the destination.
    Just Woah…

  5. I know it might sounds small but I was really struggling whether or not I should upgrade my iPhone XR to 12mini, looks like I should not do it after watching this video – thank u! 😂💖💖

  6. lots of good and simply repeated advices which I am thankful for like other majority of people here. But, wait a second, bro. Are you gettign questions like how are you such handsome and charismatic!!! I mean like, common man. Reduce the speed bro. you are already ok in many other aspects. I mean like media kinda ok.

  7. Everything is figure-outable. Yeah, it helps to have a sold start in life and not have to spend a huge amount of time learning to manage your trauma, and having to reprogram yourself.

  8. Eh, the “everyone is friendly” thing wouldn’t work in Eastern Europe or Russia haha.
    People here actually often aren’t friendly and would absolutely give you a “wtf” look if you’re being awkward in their opinion. 😅

  9. I just wanted to state that I think it's completely not reasonable that I'm already a Curiositystream subscriber, but because I am, and have been for a few years, I have zero access to Nebula and I CAN NOT get access to Nebula. Really makes me question supporting this business at all.

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