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10 Toxic Habits That Age You Faster


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  • Published On: 2021-11-04 19:44:24
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What are the worst lifestyle habits that makes us age faster?
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
What are 10 Unhealthy habits that make you age faster?
What are the top 10 toxic habits that age you faster?
What daily habits make you age faster?
Why does an unhealthy life makes you age faster?
What are the major daily Habits that causes ageing?
What are 10 bad habits that make your skin age faster?
What are the worst everyday habits that age you faster?
What are 10 everyday habits that’ll age you more quickly?
What are 10 everyday habits that make you look older?
What are 10 lifestyle habits that can secretly make you age faster?

00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Holding Onto Grudges
01:19 – Perfectionism
02:30 – Consuming Too Much Sugar
03:49 – Crash Dieting
04:36 – Not Moving Your Body Enough
06:01 – Ignoring Your Depression
06:54 – Too Much Alcohol, Not Enough Water
07:50 – Avoiding Your Friends
08:43 – Slouching
09:38 – Neglecting Oral Hygiene
10:18 – Question

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  1. The problem with several of the Alux videos are the off color language used (e.g. sh*t,bullsh*t ). You’ve lost your credibility and my respect. What if I wanted to show these short instructional videos to my kids? I can’t. I won’t be watching anymore. I don’t think a presentation has anything to teach me when the narrator or writer doesn’t have a respectable grasp of the English vocabulary. Instead they resort to foul language to make their point.

  2. Inner peace and letting go are keys for the fountain of youth.Pressure and perfection have no place in my life anymore. I fast and I have been making exercise and walking as my daily lifestyle and I never felt better. We can't change anyone but we can change our way of doing and handling the way to copes with daily obstacles. I love exercise and weight lifting been doing it over 40 yrs . Everything will pass and remove yourself from toxic and narcissistic people including family I'm loving myself better that I don't give permissions to others to teat me poorly anymore. Move on and live life to the fullest

  3. Like this a lot. Learned a lot from this as well. I believe the point about stress which is the silent killer does a bigger number on your health than teeth cleaning. Of course, not negating the fact about cleaning your teeth by any stretch of the imagination, but I Stress will definitely take you out faster than anything else.


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  5. Living with narcissistic people or toxic people that sorrounds you, being so miticulous ,smoking, drug addiction, obsessions, stress, envy and anxiety..pollutions and eating unhealthy foods/ junkfoods!

  6. I haven’t aged in almost two decades lol. Almost 40 and still look like I’m in my early 20’s. The secret? Don’t betray yourself. Live authentically and be honest with yourself. “There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things that we do.” I stopped working jobs and doing things that weren’t authentic to me in my late 20’s and spend my time doing creative stuff with artists and musicians and thinkers. Also don’t drink or smoke or have casual sex. Limit masturbation or avoid it altogether and absolutely no pornography. Laugh easy and often. Don’t talk politics. Live in Republican states – like Utah. Stay away from feminist/SJW thinking. It turns you into a victim and once you become a victim you lose a major part of your youthful energy and power. Spend as much time around children as possible and PLAY. Love yourself and be as you OUGHT to be, not as you naturally are. Pursue the ideal. Keep looking and don’t settle.

  7. Dentist here! Your teeth also support the bone structure of your face and your lips. By rehabilitating worn dentition, you can rejuvenate your face and chew raw fruits and vegetables as well as chew proteins better. My goal here is to make dental care more affordable by making the clinical operations more efficient. Opening a new office to implement these ideas next summer. 😁

  8. Categorizing them mental or physical.

    1. Holding onto grudges ——mental
    2. Perfectionism ——- mental
    3. Consuming too much sugar——physical
    4. Crash dieting——physical
    5. Not moving your body enough—-physical
    6. Ignoring your depression ——mental
    7. Too much alcohol, not enough water ——-physical
    8. Avoiding your friends ——-mental
    9. Slouching ——physical
    10. Neglecting oral hygiene ——-physical
    11. Sex ——physical

    These are what you age faster physically. I wonder what makes you age faster mentally.

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