10-Year-Old Entrepreneur Impresses Dragons With Negotiation Skills | Dragons' Den Canada – YouTube

10-Year-Old Entrepreneur Impresses Dragons With Negotiation Skills | Dragons' Den Canada


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  • Published On: 2021-04-23 21:30:13
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The Patil children take to the den to pitch a heart-warming homemade tomato soup. The dragons drive a hard bargain but can this 10-year-old entrepreneur convince them to invest?

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  1. It's a daily soup made in India used with plain rice … it is Rasam…it is very common in South India …Even in small bars in India, this is being given along with drinks..but, it is not worth creating business out of it…

  2. People who are saying that this is a robbery know nothing about Indian food. They did not have a business in the first place. Rasam is not a unique recipe. If they had an Indian shark there…These guys would have gone without a deal after being grilled to death

  3. I think it was a fair deal. These kids are selling rasam which is eaten by most of the south indians and all restaurants serve rasam with some of the dishes Anyone in south indian can make it. These people obviously can't get a patent on Rasam.

  4. Those kids should not of been able to negotiate the dragons moved there way up to 75% from his original offer of 50% which is 25% for from what the kids came in asking for this dragons just stole a business

  5. Look even a noob like me in this understands this is Just Robbery…why not 25.000 for 50% and even that's a lot of equity…what if this turns in to a million dollar company??? They shoot call it dragon's greed

  6. There's nothing secret about it, rasam is made with tomato, pepper, chilly, garlic, coriander, curry leaves, and tamarind water, finally add hot oil. Made everyday in southern part of India, this is a scam 100%

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