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15 Things To Do If You’re Feeling Like SH*T


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No one is immune to feelings of sadness or despair. Here are 15 Things to Do If You’re Feeling Like Shit!
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
What are the best 15 Things To Do If You’re Feeling like SHIT?
What is there to do if you’re feeling down?
What are 15 Easy Things You Can Do That Will Help When You Feeling down?
What are 15 Uplifting Things to Do When You Feel Like Shit?
What are 15 Things to Do If You are Feeling Worthless?
What should you do when you feel awful?
What can we do to help if we’re feeling depressed?
What are the best actions to take when you’re feeling like shit?
What are the best 15 things to do when you feel depressed?
How to stop feeling like a failure?

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Check-in with yourself
01:17 – Create a Support System
02:02 – Do something you enjoy
02:42 – Try to move your body
03:14 – Clean your room
03:49 – Write it down
04:37 – Let it out
05:07 – Go Outside
05:41 – Watch Your Comfort Movie
06:08 – Practice Mindfulness
06:44 – Be Kind To Yourself
07:13 – Eat something you like
07:46 – Search for Inspiration
08:16 – Look through old photos from when you were happy
08:49 – Take a Nap
09:10 – Question

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  1. 1. Take a nice long soak / take a shower. I do not remember the man's name, but he says that getting your body immersed in super cold water does wonders for healing.

    I don't recommend doing anything dangerous, but taking the time to soak in waterhelps wonders.

    2. Read a book, re-read an old favorite from your childhood. You will impressed with how well your mind feels after being re-immersed in that world and you will feel better.

    3. Picking up a new hobby. Learning something new activates centres in the mind to feel more productive and accomplished. This might be the best time to finish a painting, write that book you always wanted to, plant a veggie garden, or discover something new.

    4. Reaching out to someone else, even if they aren't feeling terribly depressed it allows your own mind to focus and put things into appropiate perspective.

    5. Babysitting, or pt-sitting or even volunteering. Helping others will help you feel accomplished something in someone's else's life.

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